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Clearance between Body and Chassis

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  • Clearance between Body and Chassis

    After assembling the MOMO and the Lowenbrau car and both having a lot of clearance in the back, I have to ask what that is all about

    I also read somewhere that
    a) it is normal
    b) folks usually try to get a little clearance in between to increase the handling.

    In Mike's tutorial it is also mentioned that getting rid of it will violate the BRM challenge rules.

    So, is it to make the car handle better or is it a production issue like with a Fiat ?


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    This is normal and helps to allow chassis movement. It makes the car handle better, unlike a Fiat which are fairly hopeless. And before Fiat lovers get on me, I've driven Bravas, Stradas, 124 Spiders, an X/19 and even rode in an 850 spider.


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      Thanks Mike !
      I remember a test drive in a Barchetta 10 years ago... it was squeaking in curves, on the straight and even just sitting there in the lot... the sales guy said that will resolve itself after a few hundred miles... yeah, sure... into a rattle


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        By design.

        The BRM Bodies are designed to float on the chassis, something other Manufacturers could look at. Now this does create a fairly noisy car, to cure this take Parma white grease and apply to the body posts and chassis, this will dampen any rattles.

        You can also grease the cavity on the outside of the chassis to hold in the body washer, helps prevent dropping them when fitted the body.

        Hope this helps some.

        I remember driving in a little Fiat 850 spyder, cool car and it got quicker every day as the body slowly ( well not that slowly ) rusted away. Sad as this was a very cool little car.

        But as you may have guessed I like cool little cars
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.