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Problem with cockpit screw

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  • Problem with cockpit screw

    I'm sitting here on my third BRM, the Leyton House #16.
    On this as well the previous ones (Momo and Lowenbrau) I had a scare moment when I affixed the cockpit with that single countersunk screw. The cockpit made a horrible screech like the material would give. Now I know what it is.

    This screw is pushing against the seat and in case of the Leyton it shifted the seat onto 1 side. I removed the screw, tried to put the seat level in again and have now the seat in my hands. No chance to get the seat in when the screw is tight.
    Edit: I got the screw tight without that the seat falls out but it still is out of level

    Anybody else experienced that ?
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    I have only built one Lowenbrau car and didn't have any issues with anything but one of the optional Shore 15 tires being way out of round.


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      I also finished number 4 last night, red and black Kenwood... same


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        If the countersunk screw is going in deep enough to contact the driver's seat, then the cure is to simply cut off the screw about 1/16" shorter. A dremel with cut-off disc makes it an easy fix (be sure to get a good grip on the screw and wear safety goggles!!!).

        This has occurred on some cars, but not all.


        On the BRM tires, make sure that they are well seated all the way around the rim (I'm sure you have). A LIGHT sanding with an emery board should true them up good. If they are out of round beyond what a light sanding would cure, then we will gladly replace any defective tires. As a BRM model cars dealer we stand behind the product.

        I have not seen any that a light sanding wouldn't fix personally, but I have seen a lot of them with "swiss cheese" type holes or weird "marble" effect of vinyl / rubber mix. In spite of looking weird, this has not cause any problems, and the tires work fine (I have them on my BRM car). For this reason, I do not consider the marbled or swiss cheese looking ones to be defective, more of a "nature of the beast" quality of the rubber.

        If you do have tires that are out of round, bring them in and I will replace them.

        Paul Kassens
        [email protected]


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          Thanks Paul,

          If I can't get them trued up I may take you up on your offer.



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            Thanks Paul, I will rev up my Dremel

            Speaking of tires: I didn't see anything in the BRM challenge rules regarding mounting of the tires with the BRM label to the outside or not.
            I read this requirement for some other series, I assume to make it easier for the tech inspec.

            I always mount them with the BRM label on the inside so I have a smooth surface on the outside to put the tire labels on.


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              You can fit the tires either way round.

              And you do not need the Manufacturer marking ( Bridgestone etc ) on the tire to race.

              Be careful when fitting the soft tires as it is possible to tear them when mounting.

              I wet them, and a little dish soap may help if difficult to fit, no not force or you may tear them.

              They usually require a light sanding to true up, after first making sure they are fitted correctly on the rim.

              Do not sand with too higher speed or heavy grit sand paper as they will ball up, once sanded rub the marbles off the surface and race.

              Be careful not to overload the motor when sanding the tires.

              Regarding the screw for the interior either trim the screw or make a small hole for the tip to go into in the underside of the drivers seat, this is legal as long as no weight saving is attempted ( half the seat removed and described as a small hole )

              Hope this helps.

              John on your tire, if badly out of round either can replace or I see Paul at offered.

              We fully stand behind BRM products. Call if any problems to 1-253-255-1807
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Thanks Alan !