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  • Gear break in

    To date I now have 3 BRMs, Lowenbrau, Advan and a white kit, I usually dont use anything to break in gears on my cars, just run them without any lube on the gears for awhile, but this method didnt work with the BRMs, I ran them dry for a couple hrs making sure the mesh was right, I was going to try some rubbing compound but I couldnt find it anywhere in the house, so I decided to try something else, Mothers mag and aluminum polish. I put a small amount on the ring gear making sure every tooth was covered, ran the car on my setup block at 3 volts and within minutes they quieted right down, I then cleaned the gears with electric contact cleaner, made sure the mesh was right and lubed them with Parma white grease. What a difference, all 3 cars are also noticably faster. Ive never heard or read anywhere of anybody using Mothers before, but I have a number of noisy Fly cars Im gonna give this treatment to and see what happens.
    Now its time to start decaling the white IMSA car with my Dyson decals so I can bring it to Lime Rock when the ALMS runs, hopefully Rob wont take it from me


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    Hi DE, good tip. I used toothpaste, but it took approx 1 hour at low voltage to quiet down the gears. I will try the alim mag polish as i have a jar, and let you know how it works for me.