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  • Camel Brun Motorsports 962C

    Hello ya'll,

    Expect pictures to be up by tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I would like to share comments concerning the BRM IMSA 962C white kits in general:

    1) What a "beefy" car. These cars are solid as a rock. Having assisted Alan for a little while at the "Mitty" at Road Atlanta in May and now having built and painted a BRM kit myself, I am completely impressed with the thought and developement of BRM's product.
    I encountered no problems with assembly or painting/decalling.

    2) I would love to see the low-downforce "Le Mans" body style. Despite replicating Walter Brun's car #4 from the 1988 24 Heures du Mans, I left the IMSA engine cowling intact. The car is orange with blue Camel cigarette accents. The 1/24 decals I purchased from Alan appeared to be DMC decals (of which I also decorated a white Slot.It 962 for the same car.)

    3) The 1/24 scale nature of the car gives you a better sense of the size of group C cars. Yes, nearly all Group C cars were very low to the ground, however, they were wide and long. The BRM cars duplicate this look to a great degree.

    4) Kudos again on design. With the chassis screws attached to the body, there is a natural "float" between body and chassis.

    5) Do not be intimidated by the number of parts to assemble nor the rather poor instructions (perhaps my only complaint.) It is easy to correctly place the parts if you have ever put together a Slot.It 1/32 scale 956 or 962.

    6) Fair warning!!! These cars will increase your interest in 1/24 SCALE MODEL RACING as opposed to the "wing and/or lexan bodied 1/24 cars of today. When I discovered slot car racing still existed over 3 years ago and began racing slots nearly 2 years ago, I was immediately drawn to 1/32 scale because the cars are very good replicas of real cars, not George Jetson's space car.
    - Please do not take this as a slam to the regular 1/24 racers. There is nothing wrong with 1/24 racing as it exists today. I just prefer a more realistic looking car.

    I will be at the IHobby Expo in Chicago during October helping Alan run the BRM Challenge finals. I have also been given the task of organizing some BRM events here in the southern USA. Anyone wishing to participate, please pm me so that I may give you my contact information as I get the race series organized.

    Congratulations to BRM on producing a well designed and very fun product. IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!

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    Can't wait to see the pictures

    I have to agree on the interest in 1/24.
    I was already hooked by the pictures, but now that I have them sitting on my desk, they are be-au-ti-fu-l !

    As for the instructions, I went with Mike's review, that covers it perfectly

    Also, Mike's and Glenn's other review


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      I share your enthusiasm for the Brun Camel LeMans car but unless our friends in Italy have some clever way of masking the "sin" sponsor, it's unlikely that we will see it as an RTR.

      I'd like to see the low downforce version of the 962 "undecorated"; there are a LOT of decals available for the LeMans specific version in 1/24.


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        I totally agree Mick. There are as many if not MORE 1/24 956/962 decal options than even 1/32 scale. And so many Group C style cars to make. I would like to see BRM lean toward making solid black bodies and solid white bodies so we can decorate them ourselves.

        I would also love to see BRM make the Le Mans low downforce 956 and 962 bodies. Of course the Jaguar XJR - (pick a number) are begging to be made in 1/24 as well as the Sauber C9's. I did see the prototype photos of BRM's Toyota 88 series cars and they look promising. Oh, I forgot about the Nissan Group C cars.

        My sincere apologies for not putting up pics of my car today. I had to work on a late night emergency case last night.

        As far as the "sin" advertisements go (and this is sure to light some one's fire), I do not understand it. Children can sit and watch cars sponsored by Alcoholic beverage companies but cannot watch cars with cigarette/cigar advertisements. I grew up watching cars sponsored by cigarette companies and guess what? I DON"T SMOKE. And I generally don't drink the brands of alcoholic beverages that sponsor race cars as I have other preferences.

        Well, at least we can buy the decals and make the "sin" cars. OK, I'll get off the soapbox now. Camel 962C pics will be up tonite (after 9:30PM CDT because that is when I get home from Karate class.)

        Until then........

        Oh, almost forgot. I want to publicly thank Mick for the many decal placement guides he has sent me over the past few months. Mick has been very generous sharing his knowledge and decal guides with many of us. Thanks Mick.....I hope I get to meet you at IHobby in October.

        Until then........



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          At least for the Alcohol ones there is no problem, right ?!
          According to Alan they ship with all decals, just the pictures outside the box show them without.
          Am I correct that Tabacco advert could be handled the same way.

          I'm totally clueless regarding the original racing series back in the days so, how many cars of each model could BRM make ?
          If I understand their reasoning they will look out for tool costs on one side as well as almost identical performance with other BRM models on the other side.


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            Hi Volker,

            There were 3 true racing series which prominently featured the Group C cars: the World Endurance Championship, IMSA in the US and the Japanese Endurance Championship. Then there was Le Mans itself. If you will go to and look up the Le Mans pictures from 1982 through 1993. Group C, Group C1, and Group C2 cars include the 962C's as modelled by BRM.

            Tobacco advertising and its ban from auto racing was a big issue. Slot.It has handled the Rothman's Porsche 962 and the Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9 by putting removable decals over the real sponsor tampo printings. Then there is licensing to consider. It is just odd to me that alcoholic beverages can still advertise while cigarette companies cannot.....on race cars and series anyway. But remember, that is my opinion only and I speak only for myself. It just seems like an odd dichotomy.



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              You know I thought I was done with 1/24 since I found beautiful, 1/32 scale cars to race. But these BRM cars are just sooo nice looking that I feel myself wanting to get one of the cars I watched at the Glen so many years ago.
              Team Super Tires


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                Problems on the horizon

                But these BRM cars are just sooo nice looking that I feel myself wanting to get one of the cars
                I had no interest in 1/24 racing until I raced in the BRM Scaleracing challenge and thought that one car would do now I'm considring my 4th one to purchase!!!!!

                Good luck just buying one


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                  Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
                  I had no interest in 1/24 racing until I raced in the BRM Scaleracing challenge and thought that one car would do now I'm considring my 4th one to purchase!!!!!

                  Good luck just buying one
                  Amen to that ! I have finished my 4th BRM and none have even touched a track yet !


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                    Thanks for the link Lawrence !

                    As for the licensing: It would be interesting to learn why 3 of the IMSA models didn't show the branding on the official pictures... alcohol can't be the reason, Lowenbrau is beer ... now that I think about it, it is the only beer in that line up, so why are there problems with the 2 cars that advertise dishwater ?


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                      #4 "longtail" at LeMans


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                        It's a license thing.

                        Low brow are not an American company.

                        Not Pepsi, Flour and Friend are.

                        When goods come through US Customs they look for license issues, especially forbidden advertising such as Camel etc.

                        When Companies covered advertising this was to prevent impound at the US border, I know it can happen as I lost a complete shipment of Ferrari's when US Customs asked for licenses and the Manufacturer could not supply them, even though they said they had a license.

                        Like it or not licenses are required if you intend to promote using the name of a Manufacturer, with tobacco they do not want the advertising and will aggressively challenge anyone using their Brand Name for commercial gain.

                        We may see other advertisers used on BRM Cars however they will not likely be promoted on Box Art.

                        I hope some can understand this.

                        I know of one big Manufacturer who when getting a license for a Model they were producing was asked by the company in charge of licensing if they wanted the tobacco advertising, they said no as they knew the answer. The Licensing Company asked anyways, this caused all sorts of problems and the Manufacturer already knew the answer would be no.
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Thank you for posting the photo of the Brun 962 on the LeMans grid.

                          It is interesting to note the use of "Camel Racing Service" on the car. If memory serves... France had rather restrictive Tobacco advert laws a few years before the rest of the world. This particular livery shows the exploitation of a specific loophole in the law. Lotus also exploited this during the time that they were sponsored by Camel cigs.

                          It is unforunate that the Brun team didn't think at the time to align themselves with the Camel Racing Association in the United Arab Emirates (a genuine sporting body).


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                            Thanks Alan, that was most informative !

                            It's a shame that events like the Camel Trophy or the Marlboro Adventure Team are being thrown into the whole cancer pool (and I'm saying that as an ex-smoker, for 3 weeks off the clouds, thank you Jesus ! ).

                            These events were people who had the common goal, they weren't casted to be controversial like it happens with Survivor and Amazing Race.


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                              Pics Finally!!!

                              Ok, here are the pics of my BRM 962C #4 Camel Brun Motorsports entry from the 24 Heures du Mans 1988:

                              Hope ya'll like her.