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    Hi Lawrence, I'll try?

    1. I think the car got switched to twin side mounted intercoolers, but I'll have to check some pics at home.

    2. That was Daytona 24hrs 1989.

    3. I'll be working on that this weekend and I'll let you know.

    4. Not lately....

    5. I believe this was because the air-cooled car had to use an air-to-air intercooler, which are larger than the water-to-air intercoolers used on the liquid-cooled cars. The twin intercoolers were located in the side ducts just behind the doors. These were divided between engine air inlet, intercooler inlet, and radiator inlets on each side.

    Now if you could tell me why my Corgi likes to eat rocks?


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      That's like asking why dolphins love to jump in front of boats. AIN'T NO GOOD REASON. Seriously, it's the same with dogs and cats eating grass. Yes, they will eat grass when their intestinal tract is upset but they will also eat grass just because.

      Thanks for the info. I wish I was as good of a modeller as a painter/redecorator so I could lower the scoop to make these 962's into 962C's. Oddly enough, BRM has Porsche 962C stamped on the bottom of the chassis for the 962. It's really the spirit of the car that counts anyway, right?

      Next up is the Primagaz #72 from the 1987 24 Heures du Mans. I ordered the white kit from Alan today. If you have not tried one of these beasts yet, I highly recommend you do so. They are fun and HUGE compared to our 1/32 Slot.Its. I am totally impressed with the durability of the BRM cars. If you can destroy one while racing, it would have to be a really big off including hitting a concrete floor.

      Thanks for the info!