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    Nice car, Lawrence, but you do realize that isn't a Porsche? That car is S/N HR2, which stands for Holbert Racing #2 because Holbert built the tub. Bayside later owned this car and I still have that 1:1 headlight cover with the # 14 still on it and the number HR2 written on the back.


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      Isn't the tail section incorrect also? If memory serves, the HR2 had skirts behind the rear wheels that reached to the ground (well almost) and the rear wing complex was a double valence system.

      Like I was telling Volker, at speed in a race, will that matter all that much? probably not. As you pointed out, the Camel car should have been a low-downforce 962C and not a 962.

      I still have intentions of doing "RACECAR" in 1/32 scale. And thanks for the reminders about Holbert's improvements to the venerable 962. Without Al Holbert's influences and accomplishments, we may have never seen a 962 race in America. I was fortunate enough to see them at the Daytona 24 in 92 and 93 and in Atlanta in 1993.

      Unfortunately, Al Holbert had suffered an untimely death before those years, yet his legacy in American prototype racing will live on forever.


      PS: BTW, did the 1:1 HR2 have the front dive planes on it like this BRM model?


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        I wonder if you may be thinking of this version of the "Not Bud" car.

        (Daytona 1989)


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          I can name that car in 3 notes!!!! Actually, it is the car I was referring to as the HR2 yet Pete may have another in mind. Several of the teams in the US and Canada made their own chassis and fitted the Porsche Flat 6 2994 motor in them. The teams would also use 962 front body work (for the most part), however, several teams came up with their own reworked rear body work and wings.

          Just looked it up. The Miller 962 as modelled by BRM IS an Al Holbert HR2 chassis in 1:1. the car above is a BUSBY 962. Kudos to Pete for his knowledge! And as far as the front dive planes on the Miller 962, there is a picture in Peter Morgan's book "Porsche 956/962: the Enduring Champions" that clearly shows the #14 car with the dive planes on the front while racing at Watkins Glen.

          So, I was wrong twice . I prefer my crow fried please .



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            Yes, that ugly thing MG posted a pic of is the '89 Daytona winner of Busby racing, driven by Bob Wollek, Derek Bell, and John Andretti, which is actually # C02, a Chapman tub. The sister car, #68 driven by Mario and Michael Andretti, was HR7, another Holbert tub. HR2 was also in that race, #64 run by former Indy driver Bernard Jourdain.

            And it seems I was wrong about the Miller car being HR2, which I assumed because of my headlight cover, but research Seems to show this car was built for Bayside in 1986 and was never raced by Holbert. I guess he just supplied some body work from HR1 with HR2? HR1 ran at Daytona and Sebring in '88 with miller sponsorship. It is also the '86 and '87 IMSA driver championship car (Lowenbrau).


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              It seems my memory isn't that good, I dug out the headlight cover and it says HR1, not HR2. So that does make sense now, Bayside must have bought a set of body work from Holbert after Daytona or Sebring '88? I thought I remembered HR2 because I knew Bayside owned that car. The holes down the corner are from some riveted on winglets. Here are some pics:

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                Hey Pete,

                I guess a $1.50 would get that headlight cover to Alabama would it?

                Wow, now we have a bit of a mystery on our hands it seems. Is the 1:1 Miller car as modelled by BRM a true 962 or the HR1, or even possibly a Joest tub as Reinhold Joest was in the process of opening a racing shop in America around this time?

                That also brings to question what the real chassis was beneath each of the BRM IMSA cars. Please do not take this as any slight at all to BRM. These are beautiful cars!!!!! I am just incredibly interested in the unique history of the 962's and their offshoots as built in America for IMSA rules. The 956C/962C evolution is very well documented by Peter Morgan, Porsche AG, and the multitude of us Zuffenhausen. IMSA 962's were a different creature.

                So Pete, what say you to some mutual research? If we could share contact names, perhaps we can at least publish some IMSA 962 hystory on SCI if not developing such a story into an addendum to Peter Morgan's book.



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                  Nice work Lawrence!

                  Nice to see the High Life car done so well. Alway was a good re-freshment for me around that time of IMSA racing, my favorite era. Especially whenever Danny S. drove for them.


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                    The Bayside car is 962-121, probably Rahal's Columbus winner from '87 (same as "racecar")

                    The Coke car is Bob Akin's 962-113 from '86

                    The Lowenbrau car is HR-1 from '86, probably.

                    The Miller car is HR-1 from Daytona or Sebring '88