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NJ Slot - BRM Challenge Race #1

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  • NJ Slot - BRM Challenge Race #1

    NJ Slot 1/24 BRM Challenge
    at Robert Holt's Carrera Track

    June 28, 2008

    Track opens 11:30am, tech inspection 1pm, racing starts 1:30pm. Cars must be run as per BRM Challenge Rules. Format will be 5 minute marshaled segments, duration of segment subject to change based on number of entrants.

    (4) Race-ready cars will be available as loaners for this race for those who do not have a car. Incentives to register for this race to be announced shortly.

    Track Stats:
    Carrera 4-Lane 22.5' x 8', 83' Lap Length
    Typical Power Settings: 12v (Variable), 10amp

    Race location: Plainfield, N.J.

    Open track for practice on Saturday, June 14, from noon until 5pm

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    NJSlOT1/32 BRM Challenge 'Warm-up" Race

    The NJSLOT 1/32 Racing Association hosted a "BRM Challenge warmup race" Friday night, 6/20, in preparation for race 1 of 4 in the NJ regional BRM Challenge series. Race was held on Robert Holt's Carrera 4-lane track, which is where the initial race in the series will be held.

    Four cars were raced IROC style; car staying on it's own lane for each segment, drivers rotating across each of the 4 lanes to have opportunity to drive each car. Cars were prepared in accordance with BRM challenge rules. All cars had the stock shore 30 rear tires:

    Red Lane, 83.89' lap length: Kenwood (red/black), 36/9 gear ratio
    White Lane, 81.83' lap length: "Bud******", 34/9 gear ratio
    Blue Lane, 79.76' lap length: Leyton House, 34/8 gear ratio
    Yellow Lane, 77.70' lap length: "Mil***", 36/9 gear ratio

    The cars ran fine, no mechanical failures, just some issues with braids when cars were 'too agressively' marshalled. Although a few of our regulars couldn't make it to the race, there was lots of good side by side races within segments, at times miscalculated passes resulted in the trailing car getting a taste of the rear end of the car being pursued.

    We ran 3 minute segments, at 13.5 volts on the Carrera track. Here are the results:

    1. Robert Holt.............76 laps, 21 sections
    2. Carl Bergen.............75 laps, 24 sections
    3. Kim Daniels.............75 laps, 14 sections
    4. Jeff Young..............74 laps, 61 sections
    5. Clarence Taylor.........74 laps, 52 sections
    6. Glen Orban..............73 laps, 64 sections
    7. Zach Weissglass.........73 laps, 41 sections
    8. Ron Workman.............70 laps, 40 sections
    9. Paul Pearlman...........70 laps, 23 sections

    As you can see, the racing was pretty close, folks are looking forward to race #1 in the NJ regional, using their own cars, or 'race ready' loaners that will be available for the event. We'll be running segments of at least 5 minutes in length in the series. is graciously providing a $30 voucher toward the purchase of a BRM car, models BRM001 through BRM006 for those who register for the NJ BRM Challenge. If you're in the area and want to participate, PM me to register and/or get more details.
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      Looking good Robert.

      It is good to see more North East Racers getting involved with the BRM Challenge.

      With regard to the braid, what was the issue, and which braid did you use.

      Here we only use the thick braid as the BRM guide is recessed in the chassis, also it is necessary to set the braid lower than normal to get good contact.

      BRM will fix this next year with adjustment shims, however with careful braid set up it is possible to get the cars to run well "STOCK" we have got use to setting these cars up here.

      The other area's some have problems are gear mesh which needs to be set with zero float in the axle and zero float in the mesh, or you can tear up gears.

      We have not lost a gear since getting use to setting them up this way, however again BRM is coming out with a modification which will help solve this problem next year.

      Without increasing the performance of their cars BRM is continually looking to improve how they race, and I look forward to several changes in the future.

      I will be visiting BRM in Italy in July to see the Factory and visit with the designers of these Great Cars.

      Glad to see you guys having fun, hope to see you in Chicago.

      Take the BRM Challenge.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        The car that had the issue was using the thinner braid, I fanned and curled it a bit, problem resolved. We ran the cars casually on one of our group's other Carrera tracks yesterday after our regularly scheduled races, no issues, several 'oohs and aaah's.


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          I'm really looking forward to this event, see you on Saturday!


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  'll be fun

            Looking forward to seeing you there Lou, you won't be disappointed.


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              I'm looking forward to this race too. What's the head count so far?


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                Headcount in terms of confirmed registrants so far is 9. There's a few more folks who said they're definitely participating, but didn't register yet. Plus, some of those who did a test drive after Kim Daniels' 1/32 races yesterday said they'll confirm this week if they're coming. So far so good, a few folks who want to race had family or other committments that came up, but we should have a decent turnout for race #1.

                Clarence Taylor's Carrera 4-lane in Randolph is looking good, that's location for race #2 in July, will confirm date for that race along with race #3 (at Kim's) this week.


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                  Rules questions...

                  Alan: A few questions regarding rules from registrants:

                  1. "No deburring or removing flashing allowed." - If a body is painted and smoothened out, without lightening the body, is this allowed? I presumed it was ok, but wanted your take on it. Yes this is fine.

                  2. "...all parts must be painted before use." - One of the guys is considering racing with what starts out as a plain white BRM body, but wants to just decal it and apply Future, leaving it white. Would applying Future be equivalent to 'painting', and thus could this body be legal? Yes this is fine, the rules was to prevent someone entering cars completely unpainted, it was more for looks.

                  3. Regarding tire cleaning: " chemicals to treat tires, no taping to clean". If tires are lightly sanded (prior to start of race) resulting in car still with legal magnet marshall reading, can excess be cleaned with tape? Can tires be cleaned with tape prior to being impounded for start of race? And just to confirm, is any tire cleaning with tape allowed by driver making pitstop while clock runs? No tape is allowed, the only approved method of cleaning is with water on a sponge. We find it is not necessary to keep cleaning tires rather wipe off the marbles that build up on the surface and run hard. If no one can tape clean tires it makes no difference to the racing, it only matters if one does and others can not.

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                    Regarding cleaning.

                    We clean the track with a lightly damp sponge before the race.

                    This picks up the dust and marbles and aids grip.

                    However if you race with rubber tires all the time you may not want to clean off the rubber.

                    BRM Soft tires will work like real Slicks in that they pick up marbles which will degrade grip just like real Slicks, cool eh! They even grain if pushed too hard early on honest!
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      On the graining thing my tires are down right shagged at the end of a race and the car full of rubber. I just rub them with my fingers and they are good to go, no taping, licking, chewing or chemical assualt.


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                        My MOMO Porsche arrived today!!

                        Got to check it out for all of 5 seconds before having to leave for work but man, it's a big car! Up until this point the biggest I had seen were the Vanquish but this thing is big, and absolutely gorgeous... Can't wait to go home and really look it over.

                        A big thanks to Paul and Alan @ 132slotcar for the great service and fast shipping once again.


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                          A BRM Challenge Regional race format question...


                          What is and is not allowed during a driver pit stop while clock is running?

                          Obviously whatever is allowed must be within the rules, but for instance, are tire changes allowed?

                          Tire cleaning (using the wet sponge)?
                          Braid cleaning/adjustments?
                          Gear changes/mesh adjustments?

                          I know some adjustments/repairs will take too long to keep someone in the running, as we anticipate running 5 minute segments. Race director or designee will observe the driver's activities while pitting.

                          Also, if adjustment/repair continues beyond the end of that driver's segment, is he supposed to stop activity at that point, return car to impound, and not resume until his turn comes back around? Or is he allowed to continue adjustment/repair indefinitely?


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                            Race format is your choice.

                            The only area I feel should be upheld is if you crash and lose your rear wing you must Pit under Green to repair the car. The wing can be taped on to the body ( not pretty ) but the car can not run without it for even one lap.

                            We run 5 minute heats Crash and Dash, this work on our track and rewards consistent driving more that fast and furious style racing. However people have become so good here 1 crash and you will likely not win the race.

                            We sometimes run Commercial Slot Racing style, where we marshal the cars, this is your decision, we also run modified Crash and Learn where the heats are split up into 1 minute segments. If you crash you are out till the end of that minute, this works well and also rewards good driving.

                            Regarding work we allow you to clean tires and set braid between heats. You can also do any maintenance you feel needed, but we do not hold up the next heat for someone in the Pits working on their car.

                            If repairs move into a sit out round for a Driver he has a choice to stop working and return his car to track side or carry on the repair and exclude himself from the results.

                            The only things that could possibly cause this situation is loss of gear mesh which is avoidable with good set up and a failure of a motor. We have not seen a motor fail under green, a few have slowed down, but all have run to the end of the race including the 24 hours at Daytona.

                            So you should not have major problems as long as Drivers understand the gear mesh/rear axle set up on these cars.

                            The only other failure I have seen is a wire ( all the 24 Hour cars avoided any problems in this area ) and one broken guide, this was due to the car being consistently overdriven into a corner in the 24 Hours at Daytona, it finally snapped off the guide blade.

                            We have not experienced any broken chassis, or other major parts, we have had drivers lose wings mainly due to overdriving, and rear tires but not until about 16 hours of continual lapping.

                            The tires on most of my cars have well over 15 hours of racing both sprints and 2 Hour Endurance Races, rub off the marbles and they are fine. A word of caution when mounting the Shore 15 tires lubricate then mount taking care not to split or tear the tire, they are very soft and can tear if handled to roughly. I always mount the injection point on the outside and lightly sand the edge of the tires.

                            We saw failure of rear axle bearings in 2 of the 24 Hour Cars but not until they completed at least another 6 hours of Rental Racing.

                            All the 24 Hour Cars were already well raced before we set them up for the Daytona Event with new braid and motors, all had bearings and gears with at least 8 hours of running on.

                            Enjoy the cars, and report on the race we are all interested in the Results.

                            Take the BRM Challenge, and maybe we will see you in Chicago.

                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              Excellent info, thanks.