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    NJ Regional BRM Challenge Race #1 Results

    The first race in the 4 race NJ Regional BRM Challenge series has completed. A few folks couldn't make it today, but you'll still have a chance to make up for it, as we'll only count your best 3 results in the series, so one no-show will be dropped.

    We raced 5 minute marshalled segments, here's results:

    1. Robert Holt......136.21, Kenwood (red)
    2. Glenn Orban......135.16, Leyton House
    3. Tony Easley..... 132.37, Budweiser
    4. Mario Baskin.....132.36, Advan*
    5. Zach Weissglass..130.36, Advan*
    6. Jim Regan........126.53, FromA*
    7. Paul Pearlman....124.71, FromA*
    8. Mike Liptak......124.40, Advan
    9. Clarence Taylor..124.08, Lowenbrau
    10. Dave Marcus......122.58, Kenwood (white)*
    11. Lou Estevez......118.59, Momo

    * = Car supplied by

    Thanks to Alan for supplying 4 race-ready cars, they were used by those who did not have cars yet, and all of them plan to get cars soon. Alan's cars set the bar for those of us who had cars to squeeze something extra out of ours. Pictures coming in a bit.

    Next race in the series will be July 12, 2008 (to be confirmed) at Clarence Taylor's Carrera track in Randolph, NJ. There will be at least one other warmup race before then, stay tuned.
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      I had a great time and I'm sure that everyone else did too.

      Here are some of the racers

      Mario, Tony, Jim, Clarence and Paul (far right marshaling).

      A problem with T/S was quickly solved by our host and fellow racer MR. Holt.

      Given the heat (90f) and humidity (80%) of the day I made a very poor tire choice (shore 15s) for my driving style. This resulted in some heavily blistered rear tires. I would have been much better off using the shore 30s. As you can see the BRM tires parallel real racing tires. Push them too hard and will blister.

      I know I won't be able to make the next race on the 19th. I friends band is playing the Starland Ballroom the same date and I'm certain that if I go to the race that I won't make it on time to his show.


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        Great pix, Mike, but you've now shown the world that a few of us can stand a few more trips to the salad bar.
        Alan - those cars are a blast! Especially when it comes to swapping paint! Expect my order shortly.
        To all - the racing was terrific the other day. Can't wait for the next one.



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          Had a great time racing these cars, a big thank you to Robert for hosting the race and to everyone else who showed up and made it a lot of fun. The racing was close and will probably be even closer once we (I) figure out how to tune them.

          Looking forward to hopefully racing them on a more regular basis after the 4 race series.


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            Reaction from the guys that were able to make Saturday's race, plus several others who wanted to be there but had prior committments, there's defintely enough interest to have these as one of our regular race classes. We may spin off a separate series with these cars as well, 3 of our 9 tracks in the group allow 1/24 racing, and one of the guys is considering building an additional portable 1/24 track.

            And as you know from our group page, a few of us are going to a commercial wood track to run these, another possibility for a series.

            So there will definitely be life after (and between races in) the BRM Challenge series.


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              Hi all, i too had a great time racing these cars. And it is even more of a pleasure to finally have more 1/32 racers enjoying 1/24 scale cars. Many of the cars were assembled just before this race, so there is a lot of opportunity to break in the motors, adjust the gear mesh, change gear mesh, and adjust wheel/tire placement (some cars had tires binding against the body, slowing them in the turns) to make the cars perform even better.

              The BRM cars rate very high for me: very well balanced, bodies take a hard hit without damage, my car only suffered the rear wing coming off, in which the tiny tabs stayed in the body, broke off the wing brace. But no issue, a quick reglue and the car is as good as new! I could not find any evidence of crash damage- the paint, clear coat, decals, were all like new after inspection.

              I ran the stock Shore-30 rear tires, and was still able to place 1 lap behind the winning car with Shore-15 tires. I did see some wear on my rears, but noticed other cars with much more significant wear (tearing).

              The only thing i can think of to ask BRM to do improvements wise is to make a self centering guide flag. These cars are easy to assemble, fit and finish is top notch, and they perform great!

              I hope we get enough interest to host a race at The Race Place, as these cars really run great on The Red Lightning. That track is a good road coarse with a long straight into a banked 180 degree turn. Turns are a good mix of both wide and tight hairpins. And the track is very easy to marshall, even with 8 lanes.

              Looking forward to the series continuation, best, Glenn O.