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    I was happily messing with my new Porsche, when I realized that the little O ring that holds the guide in is gone! I have looked everywhere and the thing is gone, probably fell into one of those time warps which means I won't see it for at least two years, so I was hoping someone could tell me where to buy a replacement? Saturday is race day so I need it by then...

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    Go to a Home Depot.

    Or hardware store, or try a Napa or other Autoparts Store.

    It is a simple O ring no one will disqualify you for running a replacement part.

    You should be able to find one at one of these Stores.

    Call me if you can not, also if one of the Rental Cars I sent is not raced take the O Ring off the guide on one of those.
    Also Robert Holt may have one I am not sure if he bought a guide as the O Ring comes in the package.

    The car will run OK with a poor fitting O Ring spend your time on getting the gear mesh right. Remember no float in the axle at all, and almost no play in the gear mesh. These gears always have a tight and a loose spot set up for the tight spot than recheck once you have run a few laps.

    Be careful mounting the rear tires or you will tear them, lubricate and slip on I always leave the injection point on the outside of the tire and mount the inside edge first.

    Go slowly, also you will need to trim the braid so it is short of the rear end of the guide flag or the car will short out.

    Motor fits with the little hole in the back of the can up, the lead wires will then fit without crossing over make sure you flatten the front edge of the braid to prevent it dragging on the chassis, it may touch a little thats OK, no you can not file this area.

    The shims go on the front axle not the rear, and the body mount screws are fiddly stick the washer to the screw with grease and grease between the chassis and body to cut down noise.

    The counter sunk screw holds in the interior, they are sometimes too long and push off the seat, it is OK to trim this screw if required.

    Shoo Goo around the Headlight buckets or they will fall off in a crash and jam your front wheels. Do not put any Shoo Goo where the chassis sits at the front or it will not float properly.

    Shoo Goo around the rear uprights on the Rear Wing, I do it inside only so it looks OK.

    I also Shoo Goo in the glass and filler caps and exhaust detail or it can fall out. You do not have to fit the rear view mirrors. You can not glue in the motor so do not over tighten those screws. The long self tapping screws hold down the motor the short the magnet.

    Tightly sand the edge of the rear tires at a very slow speed or they will chunk, rub off the marbles.

    A little float in the front axle is OK but only a little or the wheels will touch the body ( tires ).

    The braid needs to be set low as the guide is recessed in the chassis, BRM will be making a Shim but for now that is not legal. Check the rental cars to see braid set up.

    Again call if any questions, and most of all have fun.

    Thank you for taking the BRM Challenge.

    Hope to see you in Chicago.

    Any questions just ask.

    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Gotcha covered Lou, no worries.


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        Now you tell me.

        After I post a 5 minute build guide.

        Just kidding.

        I got blisters on me fingers.

        Thank you for taking the BRM Challenge.

        Hope to see you in Chicago.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Home Depot has the O-Rings.
          Look in the plumbing department. I think it's size #60 O-Rings.



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            Thank you for all your help guys!

            Alan, I hope your fingers recover in time for the race. Now if only I could get all the guys in my group to get blisters on their fingers...


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              Alan's fingers recovered in time to get us the 4 race-ready Porsches to be used by those folks that don't have their own BRM's yet.

              Oh yeah...speaking of racing BRMs on your wood track Lou...