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The last 962?

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  • The last 962?

    Although I certainly appreciate the IMSA 962's that BRM has brought to market... I was wondering if there would be any interest in BRM producing the 962 "late" in it's career.

    I am thinking of something like this static model of the 1991 Daytona 24 Hours winner that I built "back in the day".

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    Gorgeous car!

    I would be interested in that...


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      A beautiful car to be sure.

      Not sure how long that wing would survive hanging out the back like that though.

      This is always a problem when building cars to be raced, they need to be able to take an occasional crash without breaking. With the current cars this is why I lean towards the small wing 962C rather than the big wing on the Momo, From A and I believe the black Advan car.

      For Daytona we cut down the wing end plates and they all survived the 24 hours that way, thanks also to Shoo Goo.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Geez Mick,

        You don't ask for much do you ? Just kidding my friend. There were so many 962/962C's with beautiful liveries, it is hard to pick one over the other. I too would love to see the later versions modelled by BRM. I also agree with you AND Alan about the rear wings. The wings may not be technically precise, however, for slot racing it is a necessary evil.....kinda like my Camel/Brun Motorsports #4. I would have loved to do that car with a 962C body but then it would not have been legal to race in the BRM challenge and I want it to be racedin the challenge.

        Of the various offshoots of the 962, I would love to see the Busby/Chapman 962 (that PeteN95 doesn't like) made by BRM. The rear wing and body panels are dramaticaly different from other 962's.

        It would be interesting to know sales figures of the 10 cars made by BRM. Have the IMSA cars sold much better than their "original 6" counterparts? Have sales world wide been good enough to keep BRM in business which allows Alan to import them and in turn, helps keep Alan in business? Hopefully Alan can give us insight into these questions.

        With that being said, then I would expect more models from BRM as they seem destined to stick with 1982 - 1993 prototypes to model (which doesn't hurt my feelings as this was my favorite time of prototype racing.) They displayed 2 liveries of the Toyota 88C at the hobby show in Nurenburg and will be on hand at IHobby in the SCI booth. That itself gives you and I a chance to meet the gentlemen from BRM and personally tell them what we like/dislike about their cars and make livery suggestions. I believe the personal, one on one contact is much better than internet contacts.

        I hope this hasn't come across as argumentative, rather, I wanted to approach the subject from an economic matter. I have learned much of the "behind the scenes" of the slot car industry from both Alan and Dave Kennedy and I am greatful for their insights and trust in me to confide such information. Hopefully, we can get a grassroots program established on a long-term basis (i.e....the BRM challenge) because the more successful BRM becomes, the more models and liveries we will have to race.

        Take care all, Mick and Alan included and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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