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BRM motor compared to Fox etc ??

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  • BRM motor compared to Fox etc ??

    Has anybody compared the BRM motor with the Fox 10, Fox II and similar motors ??

    Niels, DK

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    For max RPM at 12 volts, I have compiled the stats (alphabetical order), as released by the importers on my Motor List, available here:

    On the track, I would expect a "no contest" plea from the BRM motor, as it is a lower power motor than the Fox series. BRM torque is 212gcm/12v, a bit higher than Fox (in theory), but RPM lags. Thus, power lags as well.
    Fox is imported by Plafit, Professor Motor, and EJ's. The BRM motor is specific to BRM, as far as I know.
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      The BRM is also a NC type motor, not sure of the FOX types.


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        The BRM is an FK-180, according to the Mabuchi code; the Fox is an FK-130. While they are similar designs, the '180 is longer. Longer armature and magnets give greater torque, all other things being equal. However, the torque of the two motors in question is about the same, due to difference in the winding. I would expect the Fox to run hotter; it clearly runs faster.

        Ninco cars use motors prefaced by NC, so some guys call the long motors "NC cans", since most of the Ninco motors are that type. But Ninco also makes the low power, short-can NC-1 (which style of motor is termed FC-130, by Mabuchi).

        The only reason I use the Mabuchi codes is that they originated most of these motor types, although other manufacturers have copied them.