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BRM 6 Hour Enduro at NEPA Slot Car Club

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  • BRM 6 Hour Enduro at NEPA Slot Car Club

    The NEPA Slot Car Club hosted a Six Hour Race for BRM Cars on December 12, 2009 at NEPA Model Raceway. The cars were to be any 1/24th scale BRM car using any combination of BRM parts and running on Indy Grip 3101 tires only. There were four teams entered:

    Team Coke: Tom Pintchuck
    Dave Kennedy
    Coca-Cola Porsche 962C No. 5

    Team Monster: Eric Skurka
    P. J. Golden
    Mike Grabko
    Monster Energy Drink Special Porsche 962C

    NJ Slot 132: Rob Holt
    Don Wormley
    Toyota 88C No. 36 "Black Edition"

    KAOS: Chuck Perez
    Dean Kirkpatrick
    Tom Gunshannon
    Miller High Life Porsche 962C No. 14

    The race was 6 hours duration, broken into half hour segments and the drivers could share the driving time any way they saw fit so long as all drivers got as equal a share of the time as possible. All vehicle maintenance and repair had to be performed under "green flag" conditions only.

    The green flag dropped at 2:03 pm for the first heat and the pace was immediately fast and furious. At the end of the first half hour, Dean had KAOS in the lead with 280 laps, Coke was second with 274, and Monster and NJ Slot 132 were tied for third at 268. Despite their unfamiliarity with the track and limited practice time, NJ Slot 132 set fastest lap with a time of 6.070 seconds.

    Coke warmed up to the challenge in the second heat, ripping off 283 laps and setting fast time with a 6.000 lap. KAOS had to settle for second, 5 laps down and Monster consolidated third over NJ Slot 132.

    In the third heat, Team Coke really poured it on. They ran up a total of 288 laps and turned the fastest lap of the entire race with a blistering 5.797 . All the other teams were hanging on as best they could and all their relative positions remained unchanged.

    The fourth heat brought back the battle of the top two teams as both KAOS and Coke turned 273 laps each, but Coke again had fastest lap in the heat with a 5.986 to a 6.181 for KAOS. Lap totals for the first two hours were:
    Team Coke – 1118
    KAOS – 1099
    Team Monster – 1046
    NJ Slot 132 – 1020

    The third hour started off as a catastrophe for KAOS. Heavy contact in the previous heat had caused a motor retainer screw to strip out, letting the motor shift and stripping the gear. KAOS lost 57 laps in the pits and was in danger of losing second to Monster. Their only glimmer of hope was that they set fastest lap of the heat with a 6.046 in their attempt to charge back into contention after they got back on the track. NJ Slot 132 also had a bout of contact damage and lost 30+ laps in the pits for repairs, further damaging their battle with Monster. Coke was in the catbird seat with a solid 69 lap lead at this point.

    The fourth hour was more of the hard charging, take no prisoners racing that had prevailed since the opening lap. Coke again ripped off the fastest lap of the hour as they tried to consolidate their advantage with a 5.827 time and late in the hour, NJ Slot 132 was second fastest with a 6.095. The lap totals at the four hour mark were:

    Team Coke – 2241
    KAOS – 2156
    Team Monster – 2094
    NJ Slot 132 – 2049

    Hour five opened with Dean Kirkpatrick of KAOS putting on one of his patented charges in the yellow lane. In an attempted to put KAOS back into contention, he ripped off 283 laps in a half hour with a 6.178 fastest compared to Cokes’ 279 laps with a fast lap for the heat at 6.073. Then late in the fifth hour, Lady Luck decided to turn her back on Team Coke. A major accident sent the pretty red car crashing to the floor. On its return to the track, it was discovered that it was Cokes turn to suffer the dreaded gear damage. Team Coke spent 34 laps in the pits while Dave took a big gamble by tightening up the gear rather than replace it. It saved time, but would it last over an hour of hard racing? KAOS immediately saw an opportunity and decided to put on the hardest charge they possibly could in the hope of pressuring Coke into running their gear too hard. Coke responded with a display of smooth careful driving, giving only a little ground in the final hour but staying ahead of KAOS overall. Meanwhile, just to show that the were not to be outdone, Rob Holt of NJ Slot 132 demonstrated that he was getting dialed in on the unfamiliar track by winning the final half hour heat with a 285 lap total and 6.005 fastest lap to KAOS with 284 laps and a best time of 6.037. When all was said and done, six hours of hard racing ended with lap totals of:

    Team Coke – 3321
    KAOS – 3274
    Team Monster – 3177
    NJ Slot 132 – 3099

    After the event was over, it was calculated that the winning car traveled approximately 49.7 ACTUAL miles. That converts to 1192.5 miles in scale and a scale average speed of 198.75 mph.

    Congratulations to Tom Pintchuck and Dave Kennedy of Team Coke for the great job they did to win the race and kudos to all the drivers for persevering through six hours of grueling racing. After everyone had a chance to relax, talk turned to making the next BRM Endurance race an 8 hour event. Who’s up to the challenge?

    For those interested, pictures from the event will be posted on the club website,
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    Video will be posted later Wednesday...

    Wow what a great story about our race! I don't know that these photos do that story justice.

    The field of cars, the Miller (Team Kaos), Toyota (Team NJ Slot132), Team Monster, and Team Coke cars at the line before the start of the first race of the first heat.

    Eric's really excellent Monster repaint.

    Racers talk and take photos before the start of the race, left front is Dean, right front is Tom G (author of this story) back left is TommyP, center is Robert Holt, and back right is Chuck.

    Dean keeps his eye on his car as he drives up the esses.

    Don, PJ, and Tommy during one of the early heat races.

    Chuck and Mike marshal the hill end of the track.

    My Coke car stopped just behind the team Kaos Miller car on the track after a heat race.

    The Coke car comes up from behind the Toyota to pass and keeps pace with the Miller car during one of the heats.

    1st place: Team Coke

    2nd place: Team Kaos

    3rd place: Team Monster

    4th place: NJ Slot 132 team

    Thanks to everyone who raced and a huge thanks to Tom for writing this excellent race report!

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      Looks like a great time. Maybe next time. This time of year is alittle busy. I've already "signed" my co-driver-lil' Phil Pilong. 8 hours sounds like a great time. Let us know when you decide on a date. Congratulations to Dave and Tom.


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        Originally posted by DaveKennedy View Post
        Video will be posted later Wednesday...

        Wow what a great story about our race! I don't know that these photos do that story justice.

        ...aah yes, I remember when that Toyota looked like that. Team Kaos gets a post-race DQ for unfair strategic downforce advantage, excessive lane color sticker on front...but maybe not, since when I stole their sticker it didn't help me keep the car on the track any better.

        Definitely a great report by Tom G. Despite my catatonic behavior, enjoyed running with you guys, as did my partner Don, who spoke very highly of the track and the experience on the drive home, this was his first endurance race, and only 2nd time racing a BRM, I think he did a very good job.

        Big congrats to Tom P. and Dave for the win, very consistent runs and no panic when it was their turn to face adversity. Also, very impressive driving by Dean, who appeared to have less deslots than anybody.

        A good amount of competitive rubbin', a couple of tough crashes, some good natured trash talkin', yet nobody lost their cool, and all of the cars withstood punishment and made it to the end. Thanks Eric for not doing what you threatened to do with that trash can

        Thanks NEPA, great facility, great bunch of guys to race with.

        ....and no fair if Doug teams with Factory Phil for the next race...he doesn't get tired.
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          Brm at nepa

          I would just like to send out a giant congrats to Tom and Dave on winning this race !!!!!!!!! You really put on a show of speed and patience, and to Rob and Don great job on the race and hope to see you guys real soon. Team Monster,well you guys are pretty scary on the track and off (lol), but super job on the livery Eric, to bad I didn't get a chance to put a little gold paint on you, maybe next time!! And to my two team mates , Tom it has always been a great time racing with you and can't wait for some more endurance racing , but Dean you will always after showing what you do as a team player will always have a spot on KAOS, and all the guys who raced this day we are all 6 hours better , for we all a great day. THANKYOU NEPA FOR THE EVENT!!!!


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            And let's make those fences just a bit higher for the next race....


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              Great race report! Sounds like a real hard race!


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                Hi everyone.. First off I had an AWESOME TIME

                Thank you Tom G. for the awesome write up.. Great job...

                Team COKE: Awesome Job.. I think your car was tooooo fast since it was taking flight over the barriers.

                Team KOAS: Great racing even with some good time in the pit.. We are coming after you like a spider money next time.

                Team NJ 1/32: Thank you so much for coming up and racing with us Can't wait to race with you guys again. Love that TOYOTA!!!! Next time ill cut some decals for you real quick lol

                And to my Team MONSTER: Pj who helped with the repaint monster livery. And for a new club member without alot of time on the track you did an awesdome job. thank you.. and to Mike who raced his butt off thanks for the awesome effort.

                Also thanks to Wally Gator (Dad) for cooking. Tom G. and Dave K. for the great pictures.

                I really cant wait to race with you guys again. Thanks again for the great time.

                The website will be updated today.



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                  E "Spider monkey "Skurka

                  Ok Ricky Bobby what's this about spider monkeys ???? Maybe a Wonder Bread theme for the eight hour race would better suite you. I think you could pull it off, dont you I do have to admit the Monster car was quite a good looking car and very tasty too So shake n bake , get working on the new car and the Wally-gator and let's have some more fun , see you soon


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                    Geeze, "Spider Monkey" "Lunch Box"... this guy's got more nicknames than most folks...LOL

                    BTW, when's the 8-hour? Maybe we can get Tommy's attention to this thread...


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                      Oh man, I forgot about"lunch box ", but doesn't he say he moves like a puma too????? And what about " BIG FUN "???? Thats one too isn't it???


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                        That's an excellent race report, well done!

                        And congrats to Team Coke, who endured it all better than any!


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                          Hey guys.. Yes I cant wait for the 8 hour race.. I think I will do a wonder bread car co sponser maybe peterpan peanut butter.and smuckers jelly.

                          And yeah I think I add another nickname last but you have to admit it was graceful like a gazell

                          I cant wait to see how the coke car runs without its magnet..

                          And to team Kaos... what to say you will


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                            It was a great race. We all had alot of fun. Thanks for everybody who showed up. The next race is going to be an 8 hour enduro sometime in Feburary.