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first annual East Coast Championship race results

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  • first annual East Coast Championship race results

    The first annual East Coast BRM/Scaleauto Championship race was held on Saturday Sept 21 at The Race Place, Farmingdale NJ. The race was held on the Red Lightning track, the home track for NJ SCALE Racing. NJ SCALE Racing hosted this race, and was sponsored by The Race Place, Aaron Moore and Martin Dixon. This will be the first of many annual Championship SCALE races to come and we plan to make each race better than the year before! For those who missed this race, you missed a lot- a lot of food, trophies and prizes, and oh yeah- fun and competition!
    When we advertised this race and stated that our main purpose of this race was for those outside of our regular NJ monthly racers, we meant it- so just watch for pix of all of the freebies that you missed out on.

    We had 3 races: a 5 minute heat BRM Sprint race, a 5 minute heat Scaleauto Sprint race, and a 10 minute heat 2 man 2 car team BRM/Scaleauto Endurance race. Aaron Moore was the Tech (and car tuning) expert, Robert Holt our Race/Rules Coordinator. Trophies and prizes were supplied by Martin Dixon and Aaron Moore. Food provided by Mrs. Dixon And here are the race results:

    BRM Sprint race

    1) Dan McCollum..........300 laps..........7.526579 best lap time......yellow...., Toyota 88C
    2) Paul Pearlman..........298 laps..........7.680165.........................whi te...., Toyota 88C
    3) Robert Holt..............298 laps..........7.249620........................gree n...., Porsche 962C
    4) Andre Harris.............293 laps..........7.417098........................gree n lane, Toyota 88C
    5) Martin Dixon.............293 laps..........7.249541............purple lane*fast lap time winner**, Porsche 962C
    6) Glenn Orban.............292 lane, Toyota 88C
    7) Jim Regan................278 laps...........7.800038.......................yell ow lane, Porsche 962C
    8) Joe Emm..................275 laps...........7.858662.......................gree n lane, Porsche 962C
    9) Kurt Mansfield...........264 laps...........7.749144.......................whit e lane, Porsche 962C
    10) Aaron Moore............261 laps............7.686873......................purp le lane, Porsche 962C
    11) Tim Mulholland..........91 laps.............7.846774......................yel low lane, Porsche 962C

    Part of our rules, as we did in the 2012 National Finals, was to work on cars that had issues, due to a crash, etc, at the Tech table. So any car issues under the race green caused these race results, as the cars were removed from the track, brought to the Tech table, fixed, and returned to the track under the race green. Those who were lucky enough to avoid any accidents, and/or had their cars race proofed, had the best overall results. Some car damage was caused by being a lane rider, some due to driver error, some had gear issues.

    If you look at the fast lap times, you will see that overall the BRM Porsche 962s and the Toyotas were surprisingly close. Then look at Martin Dixon's and Robert Holt's fast lap times- I do not think we have seen lap times that close before. Dan and Paul have not raced with us for many months now, nor had they worked on their cars since their last race with us, and look- they pulled off first and second place wins! What a team effort (in a not a team race!) And Rob Holt was only a few track sections behind for a close third place podium finish. Next look at the 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishers- another close group of finishers. For myself in 6th place- I had a crash due to being a lane rider, took my car into the pits. Toyota body flew off the chassis, driver and interior parts all over the track. Due to the durable BRM bodies, no damage. But- all thumbs me could not get the dashboard onto the mounting tube, and with that uncooperative loose driver moving around I lost a few minutes fumbling with these parts! And that cost me a podium finish. Another note about my Toyota- the crown gear continued to get noisier throughout the race. After the race, I experimented, and simply loosened the set screw on the crown gear, so it was able to move out a bit on the axle, and tightened it again- now the rear was looser, and quieter- after the race was over! Maybe i'll get it right next year

    Jim, Joe, and Kurt had their own race. Aaron had car issues at the beginning of the race, and used a back-up car to finish, which is technically not allowed, so he would had been d-q'd if he had a podium finish. We just wanted him to finish the race, and as Aaron puts it- he was "racing a brick" . Timmy had too many car issues, as his car was new and not quite fully race tuned. Joe and Kurt are our newest racers- welcome to NJ SCALE Racing! Congrats to Joe, Kurt and Timmy for their first time out with new BRM cars, and as we spend more time helping them to tune their cars, we expect to see podium finishes. Speaking of podium finishes- our own Andre Harris has been spending a lot of time at tuning his cars and practicing on the Red Lightning track. So with all of his efforts he has quickly gone from a rookie racer to one of our top racers!

    BRM Starting Lineup

    BRM top 3 finishing cars (L-R): Dan McCollum (1st), Robert Holt (3rd), Paul Pearlman (2nd)

    BRM Podium Drivers: (L-R): Paul Pearlman (2nd), Dan McCollum (1st), Robert Holt (3rd)

    race #2 Scaleauto Sprint race

    1) Glenn Orban..........327 laps.........6.918077 best lap time.....yellow..., Porsche 997 RSR
    2) Joe Emm...............327 laps.........6.589718**fast lap time winner**, Porsche 997 RSR
    3) Martin Dixon..........327 ..., Porsche 997 Cup
    4) Dan McCullom........317 lane, Porsche 997 RSR
    5) Kurt Mansfield........311 lane, BMW M3 GTR
    6) Andre Harris...........309 lane, Porsche 997 RSR
    7) Timmy Mulholland....305 lane, Porsche 997 RSR
    8) Aaron Moore...........305 lane, BMW M3 GTR
    9) Jim Regan...............298 laps..........7.136790......................yellow lane, Porsche 997 Cup
    10) Paul Pearlman.........295 laps..........6.968582......................purple lane, BMW M3 GT2
    11) Robert Holt............290 laps...........7.137363......................purpl e lane, Jaguar XKR GTS

    By the 2nd race, most all racers settled down and were used to the track and how these races work. look at the podium- 3 racers all a few feet from one another! Now that's racing folks!! I was in a center lane (best place to be at a race end), and Joe, who was racing the tires off his brand new Porsche, in it's 2nd race with us, was in the red lane (gutter), not a good lane to end a race, and was catching up to me! Everyone marshaling was watching as the clock ticked down- I was playing it safe, trying to have a clean last heat, and almost got taken out by a car that crashed just in front of me, a few laps before the heat ended. Joe almost caught me- but suddenly deslotted, so he lost his chance to catch me, and take the win! And Joe's fast lap time (6.58) has set a new record in our group. Prior to this race, I think our fast lap times were in the 6.8- 6.9 range. Very low 7 second lap times are typically considered very fast, if done consistently.

    A side note here- as I mentioned earlier, Joe and Kurt are our newest racers, and our youngest. But they are both seasoned commercial track racers, so I expect that once they both dissect their BRM and Scaleauto cars, and work on blueprinting the chassis, that they will be showing us a thing or two about racing SCALE cars.

    This was Kurt's first Scaleauto race with a brand new car- congrats on a great first time out finish. Timmy was racing the car that won the 2012 National Finals . And just to show that anything can happen- such as any racer can win, and any racer can come in last place (this has happened to me several times), Rob Holt, one of our top racers, was victim to a few mishaps (involved in other racer's crashes, marshaling mishaps, and more), driving around with his rear spoiler hanging off the side of the car (sorry I did not snap a pix of it), and wound up in last place.... Even with a lot of misfortune, Robert stayed in the race, and never gave up. In such a race as the Championship races, with the rules we use, anything can happen, anyone can go from first to last, or last to first. That's what makes this type of race worth participating in- all of the racers have a chance at the podium. And you really don't know who will win until the very end.

    Scale Auto 1/24 Sprint Race Car Lineup

    Scale Auto 1/24 Podium Drivers (L-R): Joe Emm (2nd), Glenn Orban (1st), Martin Dixon (3rd)

    ********time for a dinner break. watch this post, as I will add the results of the Team Endurance race later, and Robert Holt will add more car details and race pix as well. So this post will grow- just wanted to get some results out as soon as I got home today

    Race 3: 2 man 2 car BRM/Scaleauto Team Endurance race

    This race was very different than what we have ever raced before. We have had a 2 man team Endurance race before, but with 1 car. This time we raced BRMs next to Scaleautos. We had 5 teams- 5 cars on the track and 5 track marshalls. Every other lane was BRm then Scaleauto. So racing against the car in the next lane sometimes did not work- a BRM next to a Scaleauto, which made for a very different and interesting type of race.

    Here were the teams:
    Raider Nation: Robert Holt, Andre Harris
    A-Team: Aaron Moore, Glenn Orban
    T N T: Martin Dixon, Timmy Mulholland
    Jagermeister: Paul Pearlman, Dan McCullom
    Ball-Dee: Joe Emm, Kurt Mansfield

    1) Raider Nation..........638 laps.........6.967882 fast lap time...........white lane......
    2) A-Team.................635 laps.........6.601672***fast lap time winners**green....
    3) T-N-T...................626 laps.........7.031558............................. blue lane.......
    4) Jagermeister...........623 laps.........7.023375............................. yellow lane
    5) Ball Dee.................328 laps..........6.859639............................ green lane

    Overall a close race. Team Ball-Dee had too many car issues. As this was Kurt's first SCALE race, Joe's second, and both their first Championship race, they were learning about SCALE cars as they raced. They decided to pull their Scaleauto car due to loose screws and/or body related issues. I think that they may have not had any tape on the chassis covering the body mounting screws, which tend to come loose in a longer race. The BRM car may have had crown gear issues. One aspect to this type of team endurance race is too prep the car (chassis and body) in such a way as to bulletproof it to be able to withstand crash conditions, and keep it out of the pits under the race green. Not an easy task indeed. I know for myself I was very lucky in this race and we avoided going into the pits under the green.

    Endurance Race Winning Cars

    Team Endurance Race Winners "Raider Nation" (L-R): Robert Holt, Andre Harris

    Overall Event Winner Dan McCollum

    Dan's Overall Champion Trophy

    So all went well for our first time out hosting our own Championship race. We actually started on time, just waited a bit for Joe to get out of work . The racing flowed smoothly, not much down time between races. Aaron got all of the cars through tech just once before any racing started, without having to have more than one tech section- great job Aaron and all racers for being prepared in advance. Many thanks due to all involved: one of our newer racers, Marty, was not able to race, but stopped by to check out the race, and marshaled for the 2 Sprint races- thanks Marty. Thanks to Jim Regan, who usually rides with me to and back from the races, and listens (I hope!! lol!! ) to me run by him all of my thoughts and ideas about all things related to SCALE Racing, and helps out with many, many final decisions. Thanks to Robert Holt for coordinating our group's racing rules and specs. Thanks to Aaron Moore and Martin Dixon for all of the trophies, prizes and food, as they went far beyond my expectations for this race event. And thanks to Robert, Martin, and Aaron for also being open to all discussions regarding not only this Championship race, but also all things about our racing group and SCALE racing. And it was Martin and Aaron who approached me back in May about having a race like this. So since I had this type of a race n the back of my mind anyway, it was really easy to plan it. We actually had this entire raced planned from only 1 conversation back in May!

    Thanks to Jerry Herbert, owner of The Race Place, and our continuing Race Director. Jerry has been warming up to our racing group and the BRM/Scaleauto type of real SCALE cars. Jerry is completely behind us and supporting us by stocking a wide range of BRM and Scaleauto cars and parts, and plans to expand his inventory. And with 3 of his regular Flexi car type of racers joining in with our SCALE Racing, we fully expect that number to quickly increase. And finally, my thanks to all of those who raced and made this race a huge success.

    And we are already in the discussion stages of planning next year's race! Yes, as we said before, we plan on it being bigger and better than this year's race. Remember- the more racers, the bigger and better prizes, fun and competition. If any reading this own any BRM and/or Scaleauto cars, and may feel that you are not quite ready or interested in this type of racing, especially a Championship race- let me say that you are wrong. As you can see, anyone can win any of these races, you can literally purchase a new car and get it race ready in minutes, and do well. Here is an example: I opened up a brand new Scaleauto Mercedes STS, took it out of the box, simply replaced the hard rubber rears with Scaleauto foam rubbers, placed it on the track, no other adjustments- and it ran perfectly smooth and quiet! All it needs to be a podium contender would be to break in the motor first.

    And thanks to Alan Smith who came down to NJ in 2012 to run the National Finals, the race that influenced this race, and got us started with a showcase stocked with cars and parts. SCALE Racing has been steadily growing here in New Jersey ever since. Great job to everyone!

    I am really looking forward to the rest of the 2013 SCALE Racing season, and for the 2014 new season. In 2014 we expect race BRM Porsche 917s, Scaleauto Vipers, have a 3 track points series of races, add a week night race date, and another Championship race.

    See you at our races

    Trophies and Prizes Awarded

    Racers (Jim Regan not in picture)
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    Not much to add, you did a great job with the recap. One small correction...the car that won last year's Scale Auto Wood Track finals was a black and silver Mercedes .

    Good job by the race organizers, and generous prizes supplied by the race sponsors. Thanks to Jerry for his usual support, running the races, marshalling, as well as buying pizza for the crew. He had a nice selection of 1/24 Scale Auto and BRM cars and parts in stock, and a couple of cars were sold on race day, so looking forward to another new racer joining us.

    Was good to see drivers help each other getting cars ready, no temper tantrums that I can remember, but lots of laughs. Thanks to all that participated, pictures coming soon.


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      I thought that Timmy told us that he won the 2012 World Championship car on Ebay, and he repainted it? (red/white Porsche)? I was just going on what he told me..........but what do I know about World Championship cars??

      looking forward to the pix and car details from the Sprint races.


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        No problem...we were just joking about Tim's Scale Auto car being "Undefeated / World Champion" during the race. The car that won last year's BRM race at the Wood Track National was owned by Joseph Rosales, but someone else bought that car on eBay.


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          Those are extremely generous prizes and trophies.

          That is major stuff, no clunkers in there at all.

          And the race fees were very reasonable.

          Too bad none of the racers you were aiming this competition at chose to not show up.

          After seeing this hopefully they will next year.


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            They did show the Race was great thanks to the guys that showed,they made this a race to remember! Big ups to Dr.Holt, Aaron & Glen.The RACEPLACE is top of the line, thanks to Jerry.Congrats to all the podium finishers,all the guys raced hard & had fun. Post pics ASAP, thx.cant wait till next year. Thx Marty for your help.


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              What I meant by "Too bad none of the racers you were aiming this competition at chose to not show up" was that Glenn mentioned on more that one occasion that the race was put together so racers from other clubs and areas would come and put up a challenge and make a fun and competitive event. I think all of the racers that raced are local to NJ or NYC.

              But none of the racers from Upstate NY, Maryland, Pennsylvania etc. came.

              It was good that some new racers joined in because they will be there more than once a year so mission accomplished on that.


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                BRM National Championship Toyota

                Looks like everyone had a great time at the regional race. Nice job, Glenn and all those who helped make this event a success.

                Just to clear up any confusion...the BRM Toyota I won the BRM National Individual Sprint race and the Team Enduro co-driven with Sam Barbose in 2012 at The Race Place was sold to a gentleman in Florida.

                The Scaleauto Porsche I built and that competed in the National Championship races but had a wheel rub problem during the race was very competitive, but did not place in the top 3 finishers. That car was sold to Timmy on on eBay.

                In any case...sounds like you all are having a great time with these cars. Almost makes me want to jump back in a build a car.

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                  More pics added to first post. In the spirit of the Emmys, we should've had a "Best Actor" award for Dinky, he knows why.
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                    Originally posted by NJSLOT1_32 View Post
                    More pics added to first post. In the spirit of the Emmys, we should've had a "Best Actor" award for Dinky, he knows why.
                    A true sportsman!


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                      Wish I could have made it seemed like a great time with trophies other prizes and great racing and fun with the fellas who could ask for more just wish I didn't have to work on that Saturday oh we'll got to see the pictures and the result keep up the good fun racing guys


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                        Hey Lovette, thanks for checking in. A few of us will be coming down to Race Wear on 10/12 to run BRM and Scale Auto 1/24 with you. Hope to see you and some of the other CRL guys there.


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                          Joseph- my error about the details of your Scaleauto car, see what happens when I go by memory??

                          Even though we did not get as many out of NJ racers as expected, we accomplished all, and more, of our goal for this race. I could not have done it by myself, this was a team effort. And this team of NJ SCALE Racers wanted this to be the biggest and best race of it's kind, and it was. Great job team!

                          And from this race we move forward with continuing growth in SCALE racing. Expect to see more races held at more tracks, points series, 3 track series, new classes to race, and a monthly week night race at The Race Place as well. With our racing group there is a lot of interest in expanding SCALE racing. This race was only just the beginning.........


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                            official announcement

                            to all those with missing laps- they have been mailed via Parcel Post Priority

                            and i'm still crackin' up thinking about Andre imitating Robert DeNiro

                            .....Andre is one funny dude......