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the British are coming! the British are coming to New Jersey!!

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  • the British are coming! the British are coming to New Jersey!!

    actually, the BRM 1/24 Scale Porsche 917s have landed at NJ SCALE Racing! we just had 4-5 of them on the track for track testing at our 10/26/13 recent race. We found that there were 3 different spur gears! a green or silver Aluminum one and a nylon one (38-41 teeth, if I remember correctly? ) The cars performed well, 4 white kits ordered, so we will be racing them soon. Seem to need a bit of weight in the front of the chassis, due to the track we race on. We will experiment with lead weights for now, and see how it works, and will report back as we get more track time with these. Box stock they can almost keep pace with a weight tuned Toyota or Porsche 962.

    Once we get our hands on the white kits, i expect to see a lot of Porsche 917s in our group's pit boxes. Now we have to figure out how to rotate another class of cars into our schedule.....

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    received a photo today of Martin's new custom Porsche 917,(beautiful!!) hope to see it on the track at this coming Saturday's race at The Race Place. I expect to see us have our first Porsche 917 race soon, maybe in December.....