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AZGR Inagural Black Friday BRM 917 Blowout

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  • AZGR Inagural Black Friday BRM 917 Blowout

    2013 marked the 5th annual AriZona Garage Racing Black Friday Blowout at my Daybleville Fairweather Raceway in Chandler Az. We gathered up the Tribe and started setting up the 24' X 48' shade tent over my driveway and part of my yard at 7 AM and raced through a beautiful 70 degree Arizona November day. 17-1/2 hrs later we had run races for 8 different classes of 1/24th and 1/32nd and even a 1/43 race. The turn out was pretty good with up to 15 racers in the Can-Am / Trans-Am race.

    One of the main events of this years race was the newly added BRM 917 race. I jumped on these and got one of the first batch of cars and have really enjoyed running it and evidently it caught the attention of the crew because we had 10 Arizona racers from different corners of the state, Cruzin Bob Scott the wandering track builder and one very special traveling guest, Mr. Alan Smith who you may know here at SCI.

    We ran the 917s stock except for the ScaleAuto SC-2414 ProComp3 tires.
    Rapid Rick Schonfeld from Tucson AZ. took his beautifully prepared Team Gunston 917 white kit to a very nice win which included taking all four fast laps.

    Rick Schonfeld - 172
    Don LaRue - 171
    Stan Ferris - 167

    This was a close race all through the field and ended with smiles all around.

    A big special thanks to "Steele" Brian Gibbens for helping with the airline connection!

    Dave Deuble

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    What a great race report!


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      Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy holidays to the gang and looking forward to when I can get down there myself. Speaking of which, what's going on Jan 22nd-25th???

      Tell everyone I said hi and game on!



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        We are racing with you!


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          A few photo's from the Jan 23rd-24th Races

          Sorry there are not more images, plus I did not get photo's of everyone or Results.

          Gallery Link

          A lot of fun racing with a great group of guys, plus I got a free gift from Dave ( cough, cough )

          Now off to Germany, what day is it !!!
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          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Indeed, thanks to all down south for a great time with some great people. It was great to catch up with the gang and get some track time on an AZGR circuit. Thanks Roger and Brian for hosting a great weekend of racing, look forward to possibly seeing an AZGR contingent in the NW sometime...

            Hope you get better soon Alan!

            Game on!



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              Incubation Period

              They say the incubation period for a virus is about three days I'm not so sure I gave you the gift, unless of course it was over the phone last Wed!

              I'm glad you travelers were able to come and race with us again! It was a hoot. For those not familiar with all of our venues the big track with the gray finish is Roger Gunning's in east Mesa. Sixteen racers gathered there on Thursday to run 1/24 H&R Sportscars and BRM 917s. I don't have the stats but Don La Rue took both races in what were two very close races with lots of ties down through the field.

              The smaller track is Brian, a.k.a. Steel Gibben's "Steel Scorpion" in San Tan Valley, we ran there Friday night. Steel had the Sirius on "Classic Vinyl" and we rocked out all night. If you know Alan and Chris they are hardcore rockers as well as dedicated racers. We battled it out with four 1/32 classes, first a '60s F-1 "IROC" style race with house controllers and cars, only the drivers rotated. Steel took that with his home track advantage and his love for these cars. Next we ran Inline Slot-it Group C with no mag and Scaleauto ProComp3 foam tires. I thought I might have something but Don La Rue and Steel left me on the bottom step of the podium.
              Next we ran a local class we call Fly Classics, "60s era LeMans Flys , no mag on Supertires and the H&R 18K motor. Alan and Chris had brought some cars and both fit nicely with this class. I'm not sure if Steel or Don won this one but we had a blast. Last up was late model F-1 which are mostly stock Scaly cars from 2000 through present. We run them stock except for Supertires and any guide flag you choose. I managed to just keep ahead of the two most experienced guys this time but only because I had an awesome car. My first win on this track as far as I can recall. It's a tough one.

              This coming Wednesday we are racing here at my place and Eric Diemer just called and asked if he could invite Ed Cicoria a local racer in another club here in town and the gentleman that owns Silky's Custom Slotcar Tracks. (Silky?). So it looks like more travelers coming to race. Guess I better get the air hose and start "man dusting"!
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                It's called auto suggestion virus.

                I told you not to tell me you were sick

                I had a great time, both nights, but I think we had the most Rocking and Racing on Friday thanks to Brian.
                As said before you have a great group of Racers, it is always fun to come and tear it up in Phoenix, although I think Brian actually lives one State over

                Now I really do need to get ready for Nurnberg, see you all soon.
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                Alan Smith
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                  There are a few 1/24 racers in Colorado (BRMs and ScaleAutos) that'd be willing to make a trip. What are your weekend race schedules like?


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                    it is great to see other groups enjoying 1/24 SCALE hardbody cars (BRM, H&R). Your tracks are nice, wish I lived in your neck of the woods. Have you guys tried racing 1/24 Scaleautos?


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                      They run 2 different classes of Scaleauto- the RTR GT cars and a LMP/GTP/Gp C class with the wider foams and the hot SA motor. Not everyone has a car in each class but they are very actively running both 1/32 and 1/24. I've even seen some 1/43 cars appear since I left for OR.