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    vintage batmobile

    Glenn...I starting gathering the vintage parts (mostly Dynamic) to assemble a Batmobile. The body is a very nicely molded lexan...very light for a body of it's size and detail. Won't be done for a few months, but when it is I will come up for one of the vintage events you guys have up there.

    See you on the 25th.



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      Joseph, I built a vintage era repr/retro Batmobile: re-issue lexan 1960's body, repro BZ chassis, found nos Riggen (correct) fronts ans rears online with repro rad wheel bats, nos 36d motor. You can still buy the re-issue bodies and chassis online, not sure about the Riggen wheels/tires and repro bats. A Dynamic chassis will work as well. Looking forward to checking out your Batmobile, I will bring mine to the Speedzone race. Glenn


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        Glenn...I am going to use the Dynamic chassis as the centerpiece and add some brass pans to the sides to give this bad boy some weight and track balance. Mine will not be fully vintage as I may blend mostly vintage parts with some updated rear tires and such. The motor and base chassis components will be vintage.

        I am looking for the slotted piece that connects the front wheel assembly and guide flag to the motor box. Mine is broken off too short to make the wheel base long enough for the body. If you or anyone reading this have one you want to get rid of, let me know.




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          Nothing better to do than think , the idle mind the devil's workshop. 2 historians trying to be innovators.shame on you! Get back to worknext you'll be digging out the old Hot Wheels cars like its the newest thing. So sad
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            just enjoying other aspects of the hobby dinky...

            Dinky, Dinky, Dinky...sometimes you amaze me with your rhetoric...

            For some of us, building stuff that ran "back-in-the-day" is a refreshing change from the more contemporary cars we race now. Nothing serious, just relaxing and creative.

            Sorry if our nostalgia offends your highly tuned sense of what slot car racing should be.

            BTW Glenn...Dinky is right...maybe we should move this thread to the Vintage section...see how easy it is to wander off topic.

            Now...back to work...mind break is over.