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    Originally posted by Viganello View Post
    If the rear wheels are the original "heavy rubber" they will be not balanced, rotating at 5 or 6000 rpm..

    If you add on the rim a second Allen opposite the first you eliminate the vibrations,otherwise try another kind of wheels like sponges 1/24 Scaleauto 21 x 13

    Our 962 "coke" runs perfectly since 2009 still with the original engine and transmission, only oil and grease after this balancement of the rear wheels
    I race these BRM's on commercial tracks so I only use the foam tires. All tires have been trued and are perfectly round. I always use two allen screws...just in case one works loose.

    Again..,thanks for your input.



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      binding on body and broken motor post

      Originally posted by maxspeed View Post
      I am having some similar issues with my 962. Too bad you did all the changes at the same time as it is now difficult to ascertain which of the replaced components was causing the noise.

      I have a new pinion and a new crown gear and a brand new perfectly straight rear and front axle. The chassis running on the track without the body is pretty quiet. However, when I put the body back on the car gets noisey. I am checking the tires binding on the body as maybe the cuprit. I am also thinking the body must be binding on something to cause the vibration and subsequent noise.

      If anyone has any other suggestions let me know. I appreciate the input.

      OK...more work on the 962...

      Last night I did find some binding on the chassis to the front of the frame/body and eliminated it. Also the lead wires were slightly stuck under the front of the interior thus causing it to ride a bit high and pushing the interior up against the top of the body. Adjusted that and now the body is floating a bit more freely.

      Also found the motor post was cracked and may have been allowing the motor to vibrate under power. Glued that and it seems to be holding.

      I will test it tonight and report back here.

      Thanks everyone for your input.