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2014 rules for BRM classes

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  • 2014 rules for BRM classes

    Hey Alan,
    So I've got 3 917s and have a Sauber coming. I'm wondering when rules for 2014 races will come out?
    In particular are the races for 917 going to be on foam or rubber/urethane?
    Are the group C cars going to run with angelwinders and inline. What about weights for Sauber. What motor ect.
    I guess this is like combining ALMS and Grand AM but the sooner we get some guidelines for the fall the better. If you have some thoughts on what you know for sure like tires and motors it would be helpful for racers to prepare.
    I love the angelwinder Porsche 917's, looking forward to converting my Toyota and testing the Sauber.
    ~Ron K

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    2014 rules

    Hi Alan,
    I know your on the road this week but when you return I'd appreciate you thoughts on rules for BRM racing. ~Ron K


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      Hi Alan,
      Any thoughts about rules or when they will be decided?


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        Hi Ron heading to S California right now but...

        Sometimes it really helps if you let me know you are posting.

        I missed this thread completely sorry.

        Regarding rules for BRM I will be announcing them very soon.

        But basically the Porsche 917 Classic Class will race pretty much Box Stock. Gear ratios may be changed with other BRM gears, as long as you do not have to modify the car to get the correct gear mesh.

        Front tires the lowered tires are allowed.
        Rear Tires BRM Sponge, or Lowered Rubber or allowed, subject to track. Recommended will be spec tire for Events. No mixed tires allowed.
        Motor Stock, unmodified.
        Weight may be added, right now lead will be allowed as BRM do not have weight kits yet. Only on the chassis.
        New style BRM guide is allowed.
        That basically is it.

        Group C:

        Angle Winders allowed.
        Minimum weight 180 grams.
        Tires Front low profile allowed same minimum as Challenge Rules now.
        Rear tires spec to the Event BRM021SS, Scaleauto-2426BRM, BRM021, and also
        Tires to be spec for each Event no mixed tires allowed.
        Either lead or BRM weight allowed only on the chassis.
        Any BRM gearing, any BRM motor unmodified.
        Angle Winder you may extend stock lead wires.
        Latest BRM guide allowed.

        Events may choose to spec one BRM motor, but National Events will allow all BRM motors if Racer wishes to run with a Red BRM motor he can etc.

        Hope this helps.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Alan thanks,
          This is helpful.~Ron


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            Update on angle winder chassis.

            Just finished racing in San Diego, a great time with all that came out. Thank you racers!!!!

            Discovered that on non o ring cars you can convert without modifying your body posts. If you remove the o rings from the chassis you can run as cars originally came with screw and washer to keep body in place.
            If you do this you will need to loctite screws in place, as to create body float these screws have to be left loose.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.