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Porsche 962 anglewinder chassis help needed

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  • Porsche 962 anglewinder chassis help needed

    I took apart my inline chassis from a Porsche 962, swapped with the new anglewinder chassis. have several issues:
    1) I moved the new motor gear back and forth to find just the right position to mate with the anglewinder spur gear, and with the spacers provided, it did not work, so I had to use a spacer from Scaleauto to fit. not that big a deal.

    2) decided to try the easy route with body to chassis fit, so I did not cut the body posts. I was told to remove the O-rings from the inside of the chassis (did that). Now the chassis sits too deep into the body and front and back tires bind against the body!

    I tried this: removed the O-rings from the inside of the chassis and placed them over the body posts, to act as a spacer, and still the front and back tires bind against the body. I removed all spacers from the axles to narrow the wheel width, and still have binding. I give up...

    3) read that the lead wires were long enough, but if I use them, they have to run under the interior??? so I used longer aftermarket lead wires to run along the channels in the chassis so that the interior will be flat against the chassis, as it should be.

    so, after a few hours of tinkering, all I can get is the chassis without the body mounted to work. need help!!!

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    I replied on the other thread... Check there and here:

    The parts DO work well together.



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      thanks Chris, I read your reply in the 1/24 scale forum, read all of your posts in 2 other forums (thanks for the links), and I see what changes I need to make to get my body to chassis problems fixed. Will reply back after I make the changes. Thanks for your help


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        update: so after reviewing Chris's other posts and talking this over with Alan, I went back to work on my car. For now, I will track test it as it is set up. If I find wheel binding, then I will change the position of the rear axle, to lower the tires from the chassis, and adjust he front axle height as needed. Right now I have the chassis O-rings around the tips of the body posts, as without chassis O-rings in place, and screwing the body to the chassis, the chassis sits very deep into the body, sorta slammed, if you will. Per Alan this may not be legal, as he is still preparing the rules updates for the anglewinder cars. Will report back after I get a chance to get to the raceway for track time.


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          August race update

          so here is the latest with my Porsche 962 anglewinder chassis conversion. My body is the first issue screw on body. As Alan suggested, I switched the position of the rear axle bushings, moving the rear tires and axle further away from the chassis, and that gave me plenty of body to rear tire clearance. Since I did not cut the body posts, I attempted to screw the body to the chassis, as described above. This does work, but I have no chassis movement at all. I will probably cut down the screw posts and convert the body from a screw on to a snap on o-ring mount. I was finally able to race this car, but I have issues with the rear tires. Next I will put the tires onto my tire truer and see what the issue is, as I suspect a bent rear wheel.

          Others I talked to at our August race, that did the anglewinder conversion with an o-ring mount body had no issues at all, and the conversion went quick and smooth. I plan to convert my other inline Porsche 962 to an anglewinder, and will give another update as I continue to progress and fine tune these cars.