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    If you recognize my handle from other posts and threads on this forum, you're probably wondering what I 'm suddenly doing here, at the BRM forum ? Thing is, I'm looking to expand beyond what I've got, and as such I'm looking for dependable intell on different options.
    About a year ago, I got back into the slotcar hobby (having raced the Marklin slot cars of my older brothers some forty years ago - which means that, yes, I'm 51 years of age). I remembered some brands from my childhood trips to the German shops, and one of the reasons I bought a Carrera digital startset to re-ente this hobby ... was the possibility to run both the 132 and 124 cars.
    Carrera Digital works fine for me, because it allows for a single player to race against multiple ghost cars without the need for extra upgrades.

    Still, after about a year now - I feel Carrera isn't offering the wide range of cars that keep inspiring me to keep going with the hobby. I am therefor contemplating to put up a permanent track (using Carrera) that lets me switch from Digital to Analog and back ... allowing me to expand into other manufacturers of cars. That's what brings me BRM

    Still with me ? Problem is that I am likely the least technically adept person you'll ever find on these boards, so I can't buy something that needs a lot of adjusting afterwards ... because the end result is that I always mess it up (believe me, I am not exaggerating)

    I've seen that BRM does sell some completely finished car (ones you don't have to put together), so I was wondering ... if these are any good straight out of the box, especially if you want to run them om a home track (no competition or any such) ? Do you need to swap pieces to get it to run well on a Carrera track, or are they set up right for that sort of tracks ?

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    BRM built cars.

    As the Importer and Distributor for BRM I would never describe them as ready to run. They need to be set up for your track plus as they have adjustments, more on the latest angle winder cars, they need to be adjusted for gear mesh. Front axle set up and or guide height adjusted. Also tires fitted and trued or fit the latest Super Tires we offer. Once set up BRM cars do not require a lot of maintenance but you should not compare them to a Set Manufacturer car with fixed axles,gears etc. Once set up BRM cars are a blast on Carrera track.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Contact Scott at

      If you contact Scott at the Retail Store he can advise you on Carrera Digital set up for Carrera . We have set up BRM cars for customers to run on Carrera Digital. Some of the BRM cars are easier than others. You may have to modify the interior or remove to fit the chip. BRM is working on replacement interior parts to allow you to chip a car and still have an interior.
      Store 1-253-564-1445 Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday, but I can still help you then.
      1-253-255-1807 24/7 support for BRM, and all items from
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Slip on Super Tires for BRM.

        ST-014U Super Tire Urethane slip on for BRM Group C Cars $9.99 a pair.

        ST-014S Super Tires Silicone slip on tire for BRM Group C Cars $9.99 a pair.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Hmmm - not exactly the kind of answers I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, however. I'm also thankful for honest answers, but I was hoping this was one brand that didn't gear strictly for the technically gifted. Besides, I'm not from the US, so would probably buy from somewhere in Europe.

          If I understand things correctly, even BRM cars that don't come in kit form ... have to be taken apart to be set right depending on the type of track.

          Just to clear up what I meant ... it wasn't my intention to chip a BRM car to race it digital. As I've said I am setting up a track that will run both analog and digital.

          Guess I was hoping that things could've been simple for once ... but, alas ...


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            Not that difficult

            I see you are from Belgium, surely there are Dealers there who will set up the cars for you. If not I know we will

            BRM have some adjustment, so it is important to set them up for your track. Also several different versions, once set up the latest Angle Winder cars should be easy to keep running. But you do need to learn to do a little maintenance, or find a Dealer who understands Customer support.

            Wish you were nearer to us in the US, but happy to help if we can.

            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              BRM's are nothing to be afraid of or intimidated by technically. Their stock motors have a rather modest power level as well so they are easy to learn to drive. To go fast with them will take some finesse and practice but they are no more or less complex to deal with than adapting/setting up any other decent RTR car.

              There are groups on the forum who run them regularly and are happy to share their tuning tips- the most important one being how to true the tires effectively. After that, it's about making sure your gears are set up properly, axles spin freely, guide sits at the proper depth, and you've picked a good ratio. Nothing to be scared of…


              edit: truing link-

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                brm on carrera digital track

                the same way you feel happened to me now have 5 brm cars all chipped to Carrera digital they run flawless once the are set up ,not a big deal they are great runners min. maint. oil grease and race Alan and Scott are a great help


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                  Pardon me if I'm being rude, but I've got the impression I'm being misunderstood. My concerns are neither about tuning, nor about chipping. All the stuff about keel height, front axle alignment, gera ratio's ... that's my problem. I wouldn't know where to begin doing that stuff. Besides, what's the use of selling a Ltd edition fully assembled Toyota 88C ... if the first thing I have to do, is take it apart just to make it run on a home track. An analog home track !!!!
                  So be it - got in touch with the Dutch/Belgian distributor, who put me through to his best Belgian retailer ... who, as it turned out, barely knew the difference between the front and rear end of a slot car, let alone being able to help me. On top of that ... retailers out here are selling these cars for around a 145 € (can anyone say "ouch" please)


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                    We were trying to help you all the way from the USA

                    We were and still are trying to help and advise you.
                    How can you make a car to run on different tracks and not adjust for those different tracks.
                    Front axle height, and or guide height needs to be adjusted for each type of track the cars could run on. Also tire type and compounds, which was why I mentioned Super Tires, an easy slip on tire with no need to glue or true.
                    When Carrera makes cars they are set up for Carrera track, and will not without some adjustment run well on other brand tracks.
                    An aftermarket Manufacturer like BRM is making cars ( they are all Limited Editions by design, the Slot Car Market Worldwide is very small ) to be adjusted to run on Carrera, NINCO, Wooden routed track with braid and with tape. All require some different adjustment to achieve the best out of the car.
                    Also setting up, and adjusting wheels, tires, gear mesh will all affect the running of these cars.
                    Carrera avoids this by using pressed on wheels which cannot be adjusted, gears with a set mesh. Easy, runs out of the box but Limited by Design to be at the Toy end of Model Car Racing.

                    I am happy to try to help you, and do not think I misunderstand you, just trying to explain why any of the Aftermarket Brands from BRM to will all need setting up to make them work reliably on your Track. If you are not comfortable doing this either find a Dealer who can help ( BRM Cars start here for $119.99, we can help ) or stay with Carrera.
                    But by stepping out of the Toy Ready To Run world you would find a fantastic range of other cars to run on your Carrera Track
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      brm vs. toys

                      the difference is night and day the price is worth it its like driving a volkswagon rabbit and then driving a Porsche 911 turbo if you have all the Carrera digital accessories I would chip them to take full advantage of the accessories you have I have them all from lap counter ,driver displays to pit lane once chipped they all work flawlessly once you chip one you will chip them all I did all 5 of mine good luck we are all here to help you thru it
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                        Originally posted by sullanciri View Post
                        Pardon me if I'm being rude, but I've got the impression I'm being misunderstood. My concerns are neither about tuning, nor about chipping. All the stuff about keel height, front axle alignment, gera ratio's ... that's my problem. I wouldn't know where to begin doing that stuff.
                        Not rude at all. Nothing wrong with clarifying any confusion.

                        My objective was to convey that these cars are very driveable. In all honesty, I raced them (box stock) with a club group for quite some time with reasonable success without even worrying about gear ratios and guide depth. As I found my driving skills (and speed) improving, I started worrying about the other things. Truth is if you can true the tires and set the gear lash, you can have fun with these cars. It really is that simple.

                        The next steps of tuning are very user-friendly, regardless of the level of expertise. If you find you are at max revs too soon on the longest straight, you may want to up the tooth count on the pinion. If you're too slow out of the corners, you may want to up the count on the crown.

                        If you upgrade the motor (not necessary unless you run with a club which regulates it), you may want to add some weight as well and start the process over.

                        My real point is they are gorgeous and fun cars, and it sounds like you're already intrigued by them. You will do fine with them if you can true the tires and set gear lash, and there are threads on the forum here to walk you through both processes.

                        If I were in your shoes, I would actually get anglewinders instead of inlines. They are much more user-friendly from a gear lash perspective and have a couple of convenient upgrades, but there is a bit more flexibility in the chassis set up which may be intimidating. Despite this, they are easy enough to work through and there is a LOT of help on the forum to get things set up properly.

                        From a cost perspective, an inline kit from Alan ($120) plus a basic conversion kit ($25) would get you up and running for $145USD. This would get you an anglewider (most user-friendly gear lash) with the red motor (most user-friendly power) and you could still upgrade to a purple or black motor later.

                        Regardless, my real message is don't be intimidated by these cars. They are great fun and a great platform to learn with.



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                          in my experience with all types of 1/32 cars, as well as 1/24 scale, the rtr/kit cars do not exactly "run" out of the box perfectly- just about any slot car needs the same basic tuning to perform as your needs are, based on the type of track you own and the type of racing you want to do. And chassis tuning is standard for all types and scales of slot cars. All guide flags and guide braid usually need some type of minor adjustment to be aligned with the track braid, guide flag height set to proper depth in the track slot, and similar.

                          Really, it is not that difficult once you are shown how to do it once. And yes- BRM cars perform well on Carrera track. You can do it!!


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                            I doubt if the people at Carrera would appreciate their D124 cars being called toys, but then again - I don't own any Carrera stock bonds or shares. Okay then, time to take the jump or get back in the plane, as it were.
                            US prices are $119 ? That means around 90 € ... plus shipping (easily 30€), which implies that European dealers are way overpriced. But, hey - hold on, isn't BRM a European manufacturer ?? Straight from the manufacturer then ??


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                              I am hoping it is a language thing.

                              I realize that English is probably not your first spoken language so hope the tone is from translation as all here are trying to help you.

                              I am certain Carrera is happy to have their product considered a Toy, after all it is, and a good toy at that.

                              With regard to pricing, I would hope even with the help and effort we are giving you for free you would support Dealers in your own Country first, I only offered sales as you said they were not helpful.
                              The current price of BRM cars in North America is $169.99, this is the latest assembled in a box type cars.

                              As the Importer for BRM we have good stock of the earlier Kit Cars the first 6 list at $119.99 the next 4 IMSA Cars at $129.99.
                              Then you will see a jump to $149.99 for later designed cars still kits and lastly the $169.99 build Cars.

                              All require setting up, the built cars are built but not Ready To Race.

                              I truly hope this helps you as that is all I wish to do.

                              I own this Site as well as supply it for Free to help people grow in this hobby. Hopefully we are in some way helping you, but I am not sure and that concerns me deeply.

                              Yours with great concern from an Englishman in America.
                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.