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    Primo - I'd love to support my local dealers, if they could offer me any help that goes beyond receiving my money.

    Secundo - I wasn't the one who first quoted $119 as the price for a BRM car in the US, so please excuse me for relying on the information I was given here.

    Tertio - in a way, I do feel like I am being helped here ... although the essential facts are disappointing from my point of view. Probably, the fact that BRM makes both kits (for those who like to build, fix, etc ...) and built cars one doesn't have to build, has me confused. It seemed logical to assume a built car is not offered that way just to be taken apart soon as one gets it ?

    Finally - as for English not being my native language, or regarding my tone ... well, I can't help thinking about Shaw's Pygmalion when someone mentions that


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      Why am I offending you.

      I feel you think I am attacking you, and I am not.
      I want to help, I am trying to help, I only commented on language when you mentioned being rude.

      I mentioned the price of $119.99 as that is what we sell the original BRM cars for here. I also stated that the latest cars are $169.99 here and are not considered ready to run or race.
      I hoped you could find a Dealer in your Country to help you, as that grows BRM racing in your area which is good for you, which I want, and good for BRM.

      You had said you were getting no help from Dealers there so I offered we can help all the way from the USA, this was not supposed to be anything but a fact we are in the USA.

      I was not and am not trying offend you or talk down to you, I would love to help you get a BRM to run well on your Carrera Track.
      They are fantastic cars, great fun to race, but without being set up I could see you being disappointed and then frustrated which I was trying to avoid.

      Should we start again, I want to help, I have re-read everything I wrote, and I only write as Scaleracing on this Forum, no other name. I am sorry if I have offended you in any way, Never my intent.

      Let me know if I can help you, and also why I am offending you so I can learn from this.

      My Mission is to grow this Hobby Worldwide, not offend someone asking a genuine question on my Forum. I thought I had done that but it seems I have not.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        BRM do not have a track system so all their cars are built with the flexibility to run on the differing track systems sold today. Each track has the rails/braid at different heights above the road. The tuning required is in the front axle ride height. This is minor and does not require great knowledge or skills.

        Buy an angle winder BRM and there really is very little to do. They are great cars. Like a real car they do need a pre delivery inspection.


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          As the owner of

          several BRM cars, I think it would be a bit of help to simply state that in order to get the best performance from the car, some minor adjustment is needed for any of the models. The RTR cars can be removed from the box, placed on any track and ran, but to obtain the best times some adjustment will be required. It seems that there may be some language barriers in this conversation. John


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            Are you kidding me?

            This guy has nothing. He is jerking your chains.
            He needs to stick with his little
            toy slotcars and not pretend to be a racer.
            I get it that you were trying to help him but when the guy argues with your suggestions it's time to move on.


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              Originally posted by 54to69Rfine View Post
              The RTR cars can be removed from the box, placed on any track and ran, but to obtain the best times some adjustment will be required.
              Well stated John. That was what I was trying to convey but clearly failed.

              They are the same as any other decent car. Good enough out of the box, but plenty of room to optimize. True your tires and have fun.

              Dave- Cheer up boss man, you're retired now! It takes very little to help promote the BRM's. Whether he's serious or not, I am happy to try and help.



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                Believe it or not ... but I am really trying to remain respectfull here. I am not jerking anyone's chain, and I have raced slotcars for nearly fourty years. Even ended up with some nice results back in the seventies when none of the brands everyone regards so highly even existed. In those days, however, I did have the advantage of a very technically gifted older brother who took care of the Marklin and Carrera cars.

                That I am not a technical adept who knows the lingo for every bit and piece inside the car ... has nothing to do with racing it. Most what is done to set up cars now, wasn't known or allowed back then, let alone that there were manufacturers of better tires or such.

                To most of the other posters in this thread - thank you for your help, and my apologies for what has been construed as my "growling" tone. I was a bit cranky, more because the facts were disappointing than because of your answers. Since earlier posts, I have found a very nice dutch dealer, who even got me a brand new "built" BRM for (believe it or not) 50 €. I will see how it runs out of the box, and depending on what that gives, read up on threads about what needs to be done and see how far I get with the car then.


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                  One thing you guys will find out about all the high-end cars is that while they are assembled, they need to be setup before any kind of racing. Even needs to be looked over prior to running and makes some pretty nice cars and parts.

                  I am many time guilty of just putting it on the track right out of the box, but I know after 2-3 test laps the car needs a formal look over if I plan to race it.