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NJ SCALE Racing 2014 Championship race

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  • NJ SCALE Racing 2014 Championship race

    The 3rd annual NJ SCALE Racing 2014 East Coast Championship race is coming soon! Tentative date is set for Saturday October 25th. The race will once again be held at The Race Place, Rt 33, Farmingdale, NJ on The Red Lightning track.

    2 races: Scaleauto 5 minute heat Sprint race, and a 2 man- 2 car BRM 10 minute heat Endurance race (1 Group-C car, 1 Porsche 917).

    more details to follow, so watch this post for updates. For now check out our 2 posts from the 2013 Championship race (1 with details, rules, etc and the other post for the race results).

    We are really looking forward to racers from outside of our racing group to make the trip to NJ for a great day of fun and competitive racing.
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    Endurance race are we qualifying for partners so we know which car we are racing


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      Originally posted by njbumper View Post
      Endurance race are we qualifying for partners so we know which car we are racing

      not sure what you are asking?

      when you choose a partner, then decide which racer will race which car (a Group-C, a Porsche 917).

      each car will race 4 lanes, 1 driver per car, per set of 4 lanes.

      as 1 driver is racing, the other will be marshalling.


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        I would like to ask could all planning on attending please respond on this thread. All teams are welcome thx
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          I plan on being there.


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            Any one can attend,several loaner cars will be on hand


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              Will they be fast?


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                I'll be there, will need a couple of Dinky's loaners.


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                  I'll be there with new paint job on 917


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                    I've been in the lab working on a inline to compete with you aw guys.


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                      Mike Haskins needs 2 loaner BRM cars, as he will bring a friend and Mike wants to race as a team, but he does not own any BRM cars (yet!)

                      i'll be there to oversee the proceedings, not sure about racing.


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                        OVERSEE.WHAT THE HEEZEE ! here's a solution give him your cars to race as you OVERSEE
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                          I'm planning on it


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                            Sporty, love you man but you got me sitting here tripping. How can you contemplate running after all that promoting you've been doing. Tonight is your night bro!


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                              count down to the Championship race on Saturday. True and clean your rear tires, tighten all screws, set gear mesh, tighten all grub screws, clean chassis and bodies, lube bearing and bushings, clean or replace worn braid, replace worn out gears, check guide flag depth, check tire to body wheel well clearances, check for body float, tape over body screws, Shoo Goo the inside of your body, rear body wings attached and glued down tight, clean your controller wiper button, get out your favorite tire and braid cleaners, have spare parts and tools ready.

                              Remember that the raceway opens at 10am, track practice until 12 noon, when Car Tech closes, so we can race soon after. Cars, spare parts, and tools tech together, all repairs to cars done until the green flag in the pit are only. When not racing, you must marshal a corner.

                              cars will be checked for weight, ground clearance, and allowed parts based on da rules

                              for example: rules paragraph 139, Section 3-B: when I marshall the hairpin, a "suspect" car can be removed from the track and torn down for inspection..........

                              who will win these trophies??

                              1st race: Scaleauto Sprint

                              lunch break

                              2nd race: BRM Team Endurance Race (2 man, 2 car team: Group-C and Porsche 917)