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  • What am I doing wrong

    I ordered two chassis conversions from Alan and they arrived today. I got right to work with one of them changing my Miller 962 to an angle winder set up. After completing the swap, which included the new guide and extending one of the motor to guide wires, I couldn't get the body to snap into the O rings. I did oil them prior to my attempt. Trying to insert the body screws into the O rings was very difficult, to the point I felt I was going to break the new chassis. So, what's the secret to doing this? This is what I know. O rings oiled, there are no obstructions holding the body from going into the O rings including the wires and interior, the body snaps right onto the inline chassis with no problems. The rear axle bearings (bushings) are installed so there is no body rub. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Your Miller Porsche. Before the conversion. Was it an ORing equipped car?


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      Porsche 962

      Yes, it sure was.


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        Problem solved

        Thanks mab0707, works great.


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          Umm... so what was the solution?


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            The solution

            As suggested by mab0707, I cut the two tabs from the dash portion of the interior. These are the two tabs that rest on the front axle pillars where the set screws for axle adjustment are located. This portion of the interior (dash) is still supported by the vertical post that it fits over. Thanks again mab0707