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  • BRM Gear Question

    Are the BRM angle winder pinion gears 6.5mm? If so, then my 6.5mm or NSR 6.5mm pinion gears should work correct?
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    I believe theBRM axle is 3 mm and smaller diameter?


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      Yes, you are right about the axle diameter. Just asking about the pinion gear compatibility. Thanks for your reply.


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        12t BRM pinion is 6.9mm.

        6.5mm should work. But. Do the gears mesh? Roll the pinion around the spur first, you can feel and see if the gears like each other.
        There's more to it than diameter. Slot.It/NSR have several 6.5mm pinions, likely you don't want to use the 13t, the teeth are pretty thin.

        Good thing with anglewinder is you can move the gears around. Can use a 5.5mm or 7.5mmm pinion, if the gears mesh well, just shift the pinion on the motor shaft, maybe need to shift the spur a little too but before deciding 'this is THE gears I want' make sure the tires fit under the body. Shifting the spur out usually requires shifting the gearside wheel/tire out a corresponding amount.

        Plastic pinions are great for 'test' fitting.
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          Pinion gears

          After reading your post, and doing a little research, I think the 6.5mm pinions are sidewinder pinions, 5.5 are inline. I now think the angle winder pinions are 6.75mm. I will try what you suggested and if they don't seem to mesh, I will just order some from Alan. Thanks for you reply and help. I've been away from slot cars for over a year, and I am now trying to re-learn everything for both 1/32 and the BRM 1/24.


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            If the gears mesh well then it doesn't make any difference if the pinion is designated anglewinder or sidewinder or inline. It's all about spacing and will all the parts fit under the car.


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              I'm curious then as to why they specify angle winder, sidewinder, or inline when looking (shopping) for pinion gears.