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Has anyone used a 38 tooth gear?

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  • Has anyone used a 38 tooth gear?

    On an anglewinder BRM Group C car. I see it listed as an optional spur gear but when I change it it result is a rear width too wide. Rear tires stick out under the body. This is with the standard foam tires that Alan uses for the races. Does the 38 not work or am I missing something? ~Ron

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    Which wheels?

    Hi Ron,
    Very busy with the Store and Distribution but want to help.

    Which wheel/tire are you using? We have not had any big issues, but I do sometimes dress the gear to allow the car to set up at a legal width.
    Are you using BRM wheels/tires also if you are which S-021SS as there are 2 types.
    The earlier are wider at the hub the latest are narrower to fit the Mercedes and all other Group C cars.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      021ss wheel

      Hi, not sure which I have. I hope it's the earlier version. Mine have a 4mm extended hub. ~Ron