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    What motors other than BRM will fit inline BRM Group C chassis??

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    This is the BRM Forum.

    By design this Forum is to promote BRM product and they have 3 motors that fit their cars. The Red motor is a Home Set motor the Purple ( some say Pink ) for Club Racing and the Black for Commercial Tracks.
    There is also another higher performance motor coming soon, but with hard plastic bodies how fast do you need to go?

    Many, NSR and Scaleauto motors will fit, but I would prefer if that discussion was in the 1:24 section not the part of SCI BRM helps finance.

    Happy Holidays
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Alan, the point of the question do up tune a inline to run with a anglewinder or de-tune a anglewinder to run Group c inline and anglewinder chassis's together evenly? Pink motor anglewinder then black motor with inline? Or set gears? Have you compared both chassis's racing together??


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        Running inline with angle winder BRM

        We have raced both together, and either can win here. We run all cars with the same motor, gear ratio is open ( to BRM parts )
        We have a 180 gram ( BRM Challenge Rules ) minimum which does mean the angle winders will need weight added.
        Here the cars with the black motor are too powerful to be driven well consistently, in our weekly races we see better results with the purple motor.
        We run the black in Regional and National Events but allow people to run the lower powered motors if they want to, most do not run the black.
        We run BRM sponge tires and the latest guide in all cars.

        What are you seeing, are you running to the BRM Challenge rules?

        Personally I prefer to see cars be equal, and the skill of the driver make the difference, otherwise we see classes shrink to only those who want to spend a lot of time developing the cars.
        This was never the idea behind the BRM "ScaleRacing" as it usually does not nurture growth.

        Here we are seeing expanding classes as Racers know they have very equal equipment, we control motors, tires and do not allow tire treatment or motor modifications.

        BRM racing here is growing, we just hosted the BRM Event including Group C, Megane, 917 and the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma.
        Over 30 entries in Group C
        10 Teams ran the 24 Hour race on 14 lanes.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          The angle winder and the inline run run very close times to one another stock. If the track is technical with many tight turns I would run the purple/pink motor. If the track has large sweeping turns then a black motor may work well. At Alan's track the purple/pink motors do as well as the black motors.
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            Thanks for the input.