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    We run on high grip but no glue tracks.

    Everyone will have different opinions and experiences and that is good. But here on a 116 foot high speed track ( Group C 6.6 second lap times, purple motor ) inline cars run right with the angle winders.
    On our 135 foot track ( Group C 8.8 second lap times, purple motor ) which is more technical we still see little difference between cars.

    With the Shootout cars ( 1:32 scale ) we have not seen the angle winder cars dominate over inline on any tracks but please set up cars how they work best for you.

    We import and sell conversion kits for the BRM to switch to angle winder, so I should say that set up is much faster, but here it is not. The main reason for the switch was ease of gear/axle set up, it is easier to set an angle winder gear set up, plus a little slop in the axle while it will rob power will not destroy gears as quickly.

    We allow both inline and angle winders to run together, 180 gram minimum weight. Close racing here, and the Group C cars are fast and have plenty of rubbered in grip.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      The first and second generation BRM....

      ....Porsches had a flaw in the chassis which positioned the motor shaft and rear axle centers on different planes. These were the inline cars. The simple fix was to cut 2 shims from the clear plastic sheet that covered the car in the original box. The shims should have been cut to fit exactly in the "motor box" of the chassis to raise the motor to better align the motor shaft/rear axle planes. With proper side clearance of the rear axle and a decent gear mesh, a lot of the crown/pinion problems could be eliminated. Yes, its contrary to conventional wisdom to raise the motor and the C O G of the car, but the better gear mesh was worth it. If BRM had provided an offset/hypoid crown gear, this fix wouldn't have been needed.



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        yup, after i blew 2 gears into confetti, the other guys let me in on that trick. still chewed up 3 more crowns. it's actually funny when it happens all the way, 'cuz by then you've struggling so much to get that coffee can full of nuts & bolts around the track!


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          BRM refined the inline chassis to eliminate the motor offset issue at least five years may still be possible to find an NOS chassis that needs the fix. Maybe. Or if you were to acquire a sample of the first six kits, BRM001, -002, -003, -004, -005, -006 before they were released with the O-ring chassis.


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            thanks for the comments

            Alan...I would love to see pictures of the two tracks you race on. Are they plastic, or wood? I know there are some fast racers in the Northwest so setup is going to be right.

            I suppose on smaller technical tracks the power provided by the black motors would be less of an advantage over the pink and red motors. However, on the large 8 lane commercial tracks we run on with 50-60 foot straights and with a high banked turn...well speed is an important component.

            Certainly handling is a premium and with all other things being equal on the rest of the turns...if you gain 5-7 feet per lap on the long straights you are going to faster than cars with lesser motors.

            No doubt, I have seen the lessor motors compete well in the group and especially on shorter more technical tracks...but for me...a great handling car with a stronger motor, geared right with the right tire grip is a winning combination.

            When I won the BRM US Championship race two years ago here in NJ by 11 laps I was running a Toyota 88c with a black motor geared 10x36 and led the race from the first lap and only came out once the entire race. Moral of the story...a good handling car with lots of horsepower and a little bit of race luck (no one crashed me) on a big track wins over a good handling car with less horsepower.

            Again...thanks for the input.



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              I love brm inline cars as with anything show it some love & it will love you back,I've had inline & angle winder set up give me problems when they're not set up just saying