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nedd help with Sauber-Mercedes body mounting

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  • nedd help with Sauber-Mercedes body mounting

    I have a brand new out of the box Sauber-Mercedes: to me, the best looking BRM car to date! I removed he body, following the instructions, flipped the rear axle bushing holders to the recommended position for foam rubber rears (I am using Scaleauto). I next adjusted the front axle height to set the guide flag/braid fully into the track slot, using a set up block. I am using the lower front tires. I now have a chassis set at 1/16" track clearance, front and rear. Looks like a chassis that should handle well.

    Now I try to snap on the body. when I do, all 4 tires are crushed into the body wheel wells. Now I try to make adjustments: I tried removing the front axle spacers, to narrow the overall width, same in the rear, next I adjusted the 3 body screws to give more spacing away from the body, thus moving the body away from the chassis a bit to give more spacing. Now the body float is too much, so tires will bind against the body. Seems as if the only option to reduce the excess chassis float is to set the body screws back against the posts until the spacer is tight against the post- back to square 1!

    It appears that the rear tires are binding against the curves of the underside of the body, and the only way to correct that is to flip the rear axle bushing holders to the solid rubber tire position, which increases the track clearance.

    So- has anyone set up one of these cars with foam rubber rears, with the rear axle bushing holders in the upright position, with a 1/16" track clearance, and no tire to body binding? I must be doing something wrong.........and I just cannot see it.......

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    I agree, that is BRM's best looking car, look forward to seeing it on the Red Lightning.


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      thanks Lou, I too am looking forward to racing this new beauty, just need to get the chassis to body mount thing right.....


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        We do not run the axle bushings that way up.

        If you are fitting standard height rear tires, or close to it you will not get the body on with the axle bushing flipped.
        That only works with seriously ground down rear tires, not stock BRM or Scaleauto sponge.

        On the front on the Sauber I run no axle spacers to get tires to clear body work, I run about 2mm of slack in the front screws with the BRM alloy spacers between chassis and body.

        Same on the rear, I run the spacer to raise the body and keep the tires off the bodywork. Cannot advise on exact fitement with Scaleauto sponge as we only use the BRM sponge in this class now.

        Rear screw is set to allow at least 2 mm of float and the car is a rocket here. We only use the purple motors, as the black is too much motor and actually creates slower lap times.

        Sauber weights are now available and we run about 186 grams.

        This set up creates a car that is higher at the rear but it works well, and tires last a long time. Running lower tires will allow the rear axle to be flipped over, but we prefer the price advantage of tires that last for many months of racing over out and out speed.

        The center position bushings when released are a good compromise
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post
          The center position bushings when released are a good compromise

          Timing on this?



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            thanks Alan. The one issue I am having is too much play in the chassis, too much float, causing tire to body binding. I will keep on trying and report back later....I will not stop until this baby is race ready!