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My BRM 917 White kit (lots of pics)

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    Oh ...

    Now I remember, BRM did a Gulf livery in the Daytona cars... without modeling the roof window (vistacrusier !) that was peculiar to the Daytona cars.

    They have yet to do the numbers 20, 21 & 22 from the Le Mans movie and the 1970 race... where the model is correct , I believe.

    Thanks for the tip on the decals...


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      Additional BRM Gulf Liveries ?

      With the above in mind, what I'd like to see BRM do, is the 1970 Le Mans Gulf cars.

      From what I remember of a conversation with a Carrera guy (they did the Daytona llivery at the same time as BRM) ... The Le Mans cars that have the cool little winglet on the rear, also have additional NACA ducts in the engine cowl (and maybe elsewhere...)

      Which would call for a minor tooling "modification"....No idea as to how costly, or practical

      Bur it would be nice to see accurately depicted cars with the winglet and the NACA ducts !

      Would be a first in either scale. I know I threatened to do the winglet myself on a 1/24 (still a possibility) but I'm old and lazy, and I can't do the ducts in the cowl , so come-on BRM !

      (and why does this 917 beast, run so much better than your other stuff ?)
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