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Width of new McLaren

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  • Width of new McLaren

    Can anyone provide me the maximum width of the new McLaren? Just wondering how it will work on my track. I find the group C are fine but the 917's are wider in the rear and barely have enough clearance between the cars. ~Ron

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    What new and what brand 917?


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      The BRM McLarens are 78-79mm at the widest point. They should work fine for you Ron.

      We hadn't realized just how wide their Porsche 917 is; 86mm across the rear bodywork.


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        Alan thank you for your quick response. Yes, the 917's are wide in the back especially with the edge that protrudes above the rear wheels. I'm been on the fence about getting a McLaren since other racers in our area don't have them but I'm reconsidering after seeing on SlotItalia that all of the BRM's going forward will use the metal chassis. Supposedly BRM is coming out with a Porsche GT1 to go against the McLaren and a Ferrari 512 to go against the 917. All will have metal chassis based on the McLaren including future Group C cars. An upgrade kit will be sold to upgrade the plastic chassis cars. Alan, can you confirm any of this? ~Ron