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BRM digital Carrera Conversion

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  • BRM digital Carrera Conversion

    I currently run all 1/24 Carrera cars. I d really like to some 1/24 BRM for my Carrera track. Can I just turn the power level down on the control unit to run the stock 12v that comes in the BRM. I would really like to avoid switching to an 18v motor. Has anyone tried running 12v BRM at the lower power level. Is there enough room to slide a digital chip under the interior tubs

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    I understand that the new BRM Ferrari is set up to take a Carrera chip. As to the speed, you can reprogram the top speed of the BRM to limit it to be similar to the Carrera cars. No need to reduce the voltage.



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      Here's a 26732 chip in a BRM 512M - provisions for chip mounting are included, no issue with interior clearance. No problem knocking the power level down with the CU to run on 18 volts with the other D124's

      The yellow electrical tape under the chip is to keep components on the backside of the chip from grounding against a screw plate on the aluminum chassis pan.

      All in all, a pretty easy conversion. Still need to get around to doing lights in it


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        Ed, sorry to bring this back from the dead but have you ran this setup next to Carrera cars with the stock 18V motor? Can you turn the BRM down with the CU and still run close to the Carrera cars? Also, how does this change fuel consumption in comparison?


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          I would only assume you may have to change the rear gear ratio. I just chipped one for a customer and the brakes did perform better in digtal mode.