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Trouble counting laps with 30352

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  • Trouble counting laps with 30352

    Having intermittent problems counting laps with control unit 30352. It seems to work better if I drive slow but even then it's intermittent. Both sides seem to have the same issue and I have tried multiple cars with the same result.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    What are you using to count laps. The carrera lap counter, or the carrera app connect, or computer software with a usb cable?


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      Computer software (yours which I really appreciate) using a USB cable.


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        check the minimum lap time setting in the software - if your track is short, you could be under the minimum and it wont' show the lap.

        Also make sure you have a couple of straights leading in to the CU - if a car is sideways across the LED it will miss the lap

        Good luck



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          I set the minimal lap time ss.t to 1 & 0. And it seems to be working correctly.

          I have two full length straights and two 1/3 section just prior to the CU.

          1. What does the ss.t mean on the "minimal lap time" setting in the software?
          2. Is there a way to set the fuel tank capacity from the software.

          Thanks for the help!!!!


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            ss.t = seconds.tenths

            Several ways to do it, but they are not available from the race screen. That's because if you change the tank size of any car on track, the CU will automatically *fill* the tanks of all cars on track.

            You can change tank sizes on the database screens or the setup screens.

            When in advanced mode, you can go in the car database and set the fuel tank size for each car individually. The software can tell the CU to use that size tank every time you start a race (not a practice!) that uses that car.

            You can also program the tank sizes for each car currently on the track while setting up a race. When in 'Easy Mode', click on the 'Spd\brk\tnk' label at the bottom of the screen, then adjust the tank sizes and click 'Save values and program cars'. In advanced mode, click on the 'Spd/brk/tnk' button on the bottom right half of the main screen, and follow the on screen instructions.
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