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Looking for specs for Paul Gauge Tire replacements - 1/32 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM

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  • Looking for specs for Paul Gauge Tire replacements - 1/32 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM

    I've decided to swap out the stock tires on my cars to Paul Gauge Tires. I located a handy tire selection tool on a retailers website that matches the exact tire size to your cars, and I have been able to match 6 of my 7 cars. The one I am missing is the 1/32 scale AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM.

    I am curious if any of you have one of these cars with PGT tires and can provide the correct size.

    Edit: After submitting this thread, I did a further search (despite having looked for this car throughout the day) and seem to have finally found it. I was mistakenly looking under Mercedes rather than AMG Mercedes (d'Oh!). The confusing part now is that there seems to be two tire sizes available whereas all other cars had one. I'm getting PGT-20125LMXD and PGT-21126XD. From what I understand based on the tire size code, the second tire is 1mm larger in diameter, they are both of the same width, but again for the second tire, the width of the ridge for the rim is 1mm wider.

    Any insight from you fine folks is greatly helpful!
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    I used PGT-21126XD on the couple of DTM’s I have, but that was before the PGT-20125LMXD was available.

    This is from Paul Gage's E-bay stores listing for the PGT-20125LMXD's

    "PGT-20125LMXD fit front and rear on Carrera DTM... BMW AUDI MERCEDES
    new custom size deep groove fits many other Carrera cars as well
    lower profile than the PGT-21126XD, needs less sanding and truing, lower CofG on routed tracks... less room for error though!"



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      What would you suggest of the two? I don't have one of those fangled tire truing machines and plan to give it a whirl by the old sandpaper on track method (I know it won't be close to perfect). I'm just looking to improve the grip from the stock tires, nothing fancy as my set is for my young kids and I to race from time to time.


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        The 26 tire would probably be the one for tire truing. When he has taller tires listed that's generally what they are for so you can set the height yourself. Sometimes, but not always the taller tire won't fit without truing.


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          Thanks. So given my lack of truing abilities, I think I'll go with the smaller of the available sizes.


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            Thanks for your help gents. I just made my first order of PGT tires.


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              I received my tire order yesterday, and WOW, what an immediate difference they make. I immediately boosted up the power settings for the cars and even the ghost car can run respectable lap times.

              The only bummer I experiences if 2 of the 7 cars I had ordered tires for, the tires don't fit. I should be able to resolve the Porsche Carrers S 911 simply by sanding down the tires, the tires are simply too large of profile and jam up against the body. The Green GT H2 is a slightly different story. The tire seems a bit too wide causing the inside edge to rub up against the rear tire fender. But I also get the sense that the grove for the rim is a tad too narrow.

              Neither of these cars were listed on Paul's ebay store, so there is no blame on his part as he simply supplied what I had ordered. The information I got came from Slot Car Corner Canada.

              I'll try sanding down both sets of tires, but I am worried if I have to try cutting down the width of the tire in any way on the Green GT I'll mess it up. So I am prepared to take some more precision measurements myself and try a second order of tires if that is the case.