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Non-responsive check lane

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  • Non-responsive check lane

    I have two check lanes on my track. I finally got to setting them up to use with SmartRace today. I defined one as "section time 1" (LEDs 1+2+3 on) with no issues. I tried to define the second one as "section time 2" (LEDs 1+2+3+4 on) but couldn't because it seems to be dead; absolutely not acknowledging the passage of a car over it (the last step of the programming process). I had it initially positioned right before a double lane changer. I vaguely remember some discussion over here that check lanes and lane changers may interfere with each other. So, I placed a straight in between the check lane and the lane changer, to no avail. The check lane is still unresponsive.

    Is it a dud or am I missing something here? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any help with this would be appreciated.


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      Did you try physically swapping the two check lanes?

      Despite what the confusing Carrera manual says, I don't think you need to program one as 'section time 1' and the other as 'section time 2'. SmartRace will likely be smart enough to know which time it receives first...
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        Didn't think of swapping the two check lanes... I'll give it a try. Thanks.