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  • More permanent carrera track

    I want to secure my Carrera 143rd track to a board that can be stored vertically. Iím wondering if Carrera part number 20085209 will work to secure GO!! 143rd track? It says itís for 132/124 Carrera track. I recently learned of all the modifications that can be integrated into the digital 143 world using 132 electronics and Iím excited to get started. Hot glue seems a little too permanent at this time, or is it? Eventually I want to add in a pit lane but I want to conquer other things first. I see people using modified guardrail clips for securing track but I like the first idea better. Thinking of building a 5x10 foot table mounted to the wall with simple door hinges so track can be folded out of the way when not in use.

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    I've never seen 1/43 track up close but IF it has the small rectangular holes in the side of the track I don't see why it wouldn't work. Hot glue would hold it but it may be a pain to get back up. I think I would try and find something like some small "L" shaped brackets and hot gluing the bracket to the side of the track and screwing the bracket down to the table. Easy to get off the table and pop the bracket off the track if needed.