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Black box vs control unit systems

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  • Black box vs control unit systems

    Is there any way to tell if a digital system has the old black box or the newer control unit. I found a set on Amazon and the picture shows the control unit but professor motor sells the same set and its description says black box. They both show the CU in the picture though.

    is there a definite way to tell without opening it up? There are not any local stores for me to see it in person also.
    This is the one i was referring to specifically, but the question is an in general

    thank you in advance
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    That set has a Control Unit. Not sure why Professor Motor calls it a Black Box- likely because they really aren't a digital resource. Carrera's website is a disaster, but it is still your best choice for finding out something like this. https://sbcarreratoysmediahandlercdn..._WEB_GB-US.pdf
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      Ok Excellent.
      Can i ask how you found that link? i only see 7 digital sets and searching for the name and model number yields no results.

      These are all i see

      I think i actually prefer the 3 cars set. I dont plan on using the carrera controllers, so i think the 3 car set is probably a better deal for me.

      Also unrelated to my question...I also cant seem to add anything to the cart, and when i tried to register for an account, it says my zip code is not valid for my country. I tried to email them to see if they can help with the account. I also found they are just a few minutes from my house in NJ. but you are right, the site is messed up
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        Their site used to be easy to use. It is now an absolute abysmal piece of crap. You need to go under Service/Manuals to find the link I posted.

        I don't think you can setup an account or buy anything from them unless you're in Germany (or at least somewhere in Europe). Unless you are in Europe, you can certainly find much better pricing and cheaper shipping elsewhere.

        The people near you in New Jersey distribute Carrera slots in North America- but I don't think they have any say re: the website I linked you to for the manual. Pretty sure that's controlled by the European HQ.
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          I see that section now. i will go there to verify the power track once i figure out which set i am going to buy.

          thank you very much for your help


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            You were correct, you cant order from the site in the USA. i had emailed them yesterday afternoon and they responded that they sell only to distributors in the US and not individual people.