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Upgrading evolution vs new digital set

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  • Upgrading evolution vs new digital set

    i have been struggling to decide on how to get the carrera digital. I have 2 carrera evolution sets that i had bought when i first got into slot cars. one of the sets is basically ununsed as i got it new for 80 dollars on clearance at tower.

    the reason i mention this is because i have plenty of track, most of it unused. I did not really want to buy a digital set because again i will have more track that will never be used. However, i have been unable to find a cost effective way to buy the bits that beats the price of a set by any substantial amount. i found the control unit, the double lane change, the evolution to digital 1/32 transformer adapter, couple of chips and aftermarket controller still comes up to around 275 to 300 after shipping and taxes, etc. the cheapest digital set i can find is 330. deep down inside, i feel that the 30 to 50 dollars is worth it to get a complete set with carrera warranty with that nice carrera control unit.

    do people typically buy the sets over upgrading from evolution. i dont want to sell my evolution stuff because will still run analog for my non-carrera cars.
    do people typically buy leftover tracks from people on auction sites like ebay? i think everyone probably has a ton of regular straights and 1/60 turns that there wouldnt be much of a market for "used" track pieces

    the cheapest site i found for the complete set is professormotor because they have free shipping.
    I have checked lebhobbies, amazon, cincyslots, carreraslots, power hobbies, mainline hobbies, slot car corner,,

    am i missing any sites to check? Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance

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    It is generally worthwhile to buy a set. The control unit, lane changers, controllers and cars almost always cost more if bought separately.Your price comparison didn't even mention the two digital cars included in the set!

    While you may not have room/use for all of that track- you could probably easily sell any unused straights. The 1/60 curves are a bit tougher to unload. Everyone already has too many of them .


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      i just saw your post after placing my orders.

      You are correct, i just did the math in my head, if i sold each straight for 5 dollars and the 2 controllers for 20 dollars each, i would have made 100 dollars back, bringing me to what i paid and i would have had 2 additional cars. Maybe i will sell some of my current stuff that i dont use to recoup some of the funds

      i was able to piece together the control unit, evolution to digital transformer adapter, double lane change, and aftermarket trigger controller all for 225 shipped. i was lucky to find stuff very cheap in new condition. it took me a long time to find this best price.

      The biggest issue i had with buying the set, in addition to the extra lanes was the thumb controllers. I hate thumb controllers. my hands hurt after about 15 to 20 minutes of using thumb controllers, but i am OK for like 1 hour with a trigger controller. The aftermarket digital controller was 77 of the 225, which i would have needed to purchase anyway. In reality, the 325, would have been 400

      you are correct with not counting the cars. On the cheapest set that i had found, i already have the same ferrari in evolution that came with the set and i have a similar porsche. essentially i would have needed to buy the more expensive 359 dollar set (the next cheapest i found) to get 2 cars that i didnt already have.

      unfortunately, i decided to go into digital so late into this, that it has ended up costing me more in the long run. The digital set is the way to go for sure if you are starting out.

      I really hope this works out doing it this way. I have asked a lot of beginner questions, and people here have given me a lot of great information here, which i considered in my decisions on this.
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        Good luck Miles. Digital can become very addicting.


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          Originally posted by dw5555 View Post
          Good luck Miles. Digital can become very addicting.
          Thank you. i have been going back and forth for a very long time on whether to get it or not. 2 nights ago i was using my car against the scalextric challenger and found that with only 2 speed settings, it isnt much of a challenge. it is also so fast, even on the low voltage/slow speed, its still 3 second lap times, but its never a challenge to beat.

          The biggest positive for me for digital in having multiple cars on the same lane. i was thinking of having one car that is going garbage slow, one that is going faster and then me. i think that will be a fun challenge. The other positive to it, was the ability to lower the power of the cars, so i can set the max speed to say 20 or 40 percent power. My track is only 8.5ft by 5ft, so being able to slow the cars down is nice. going so fast that i can barely see the cars isnt too much fun, honestly.

          I think my next purchase will be the carson chip for scalextric so i can race those cars. I think i will just buy 1 or 2 of those because i can swap them back and forth. it is only ever going to be me racing.

          I also ordered the digital yellow corvette c7r. that is a very nice car. I could only find this exact paint in digital or in an evolution set. I really love this car, so i am glad i was able to find one at a reasonable price.

          i will need to order 1 more car, but i am going to look tonight to find which one i want. i have the ford gt gte in digital as well. I might just buy the carrera chip and upgrade the evolution ferrari 458.

          i am very excited. i wish i didnt wait this long

          Thanks again
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            Sounds like a plan. While 5X8 is not a large track it can still be a lot of fun. I have not used them personally but I have heard nothing but good things (Except the price) about the Carson chip. You can get away with just a couple of chips and just swap them from car to car. Carrera offers quite a nice selection of cars in 1/32 to go with your Scaley cars. Just remember it's cheaper to buy any future Carrera cars in digital than to buy the evolution car and upgrade it.
            Have Fun,


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              Hello Miles.. A suggestion, if you will be running ghost cars you should consider Anti-Crash Gates in your lane change sections, it's a game changer, makes it real fun, no halting of the race to put cars back in the slots due to a ghost car changing lanes at a bad time.. I love them..



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                Another thing you can do with ghost cars is to tape over the sensors on the bottom of the ghost cars and put one in each lane. This way they don't change lanes, eliminating them from inevitably running into each other. The Lane gates suggested in the above post are the nicest way to avoid them crashing, but taped sensors work in the meantime.
                Oh, and Wecome to SCI,


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                  Everyone is so polite, what a nice change..LOL


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                    Hi Guys,
                    Thanks for the information. one of my primary reasons for getting digital was the ghost car functionality. Will they really constantly crash into each other if i dont have them going the same speeds (and if they are the same speeds)?

                    If so, i will probably start out with taping over the sensor on the cars. However, can you confirm this is the correct one to buy? or is there is one better. this one seems pretty complicated to install.

                    Thank you to everyone for their help on this. I really appreciate all of the help



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                      Miles, that is the one and only to my knowledge. The owner of that company is actually a member and administrator on SCI. You can go to the "Digital Racing Solutions" forum on SCI for technical info on the Lanegates and other products they make for Carrera digital, or he will see your post here sooner or later and reply.
                      The shorter your track length the more often the ghost cars will catch up with each other and crash at the LC's. Since they change lanes randomly you have no idea when or if they are going to change lanes. Don't let that discourage you though, as the ghost cars really add to the racing.