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control unit flip direction and lane change

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  • control unit flip direction and lane change

    Hi guys. I finally received the control unit today. After some time and confusion, i finally figured it out and its a lot of fun, but I have some questions

    1. I typically ran my carrera cars counter clockwise by flipping the switch on the bottom. With the new control unit, i found my lane change does not work when i do this. it seems to just turn the lights off and on. the cars run, but the lane change doesnt flip. As soon as I switched it back to go clockwise and flipped the lane change to match the cars new direction, it worked fine. is this typical?

    2. i am sure is typical, the lane change only seems to work if i am holding the button down as i cross the sensor. it doesnt seem to remember that i hit it. I thought it was supposed to, but i am probably incorrect.

    3. How well does the lane change on the curve work? Do you have to take it really slow? I think i should have bought 2 of those instead of the double lane change. I realized too late that the lane change isnt working at all after a turn, so I need to put my lane change in the middle of my straight, which means i cant get the pit lane.

    I know i had one more question, but for the life of me i cant remember it now. I am sure i will remember the next time i use it.

    i will say, the digital is so much fun. I was running with 3 cars, 2 ghosts and me, and it was so chaotic, i setup each ghost car at slightly different speeds, and it was hard to determine and keep up with which lane the slow car was in. i really enjoyed playing with it. My track isnt big enough for more than this, but i have 2 coming so i will try it with 4 cars total just to see how they are.

    Thank you in advance for your help


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    I'll try to answer these...
    1. I seem to remember that guys running counterclockwise had flipped the CU backwards [so that the the controls and plugins are on the inside of the track [would be a pain to access programming and hooking any thing to the CU].
    The CU has + and - wires running to each rail and by putting the LC's in to run backwards you are changing the polarity going into the LC's rails. I think this is the problem. The only solution I can think of is to detach the electronic control part of the CU from the start track, and turn the start track section backwards [facing backwards or counterwise]. I have taken the bottom off of my CU, but I can't remember if the wires are long enough to allow this or if you would have to lengthen the wires
    Having said this if you decide to take the CU apart "THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!"
    I would just run clockwise..
    Maybe someone else has a better idea how to run counterclockwise. Please chime in....

    2.Yes, you have to be holding the button as you pass over the LC sensor.

    3. I don't have curved LC's in my track, but I recently raced on a track that did and it wasn't too bad. The curved LC's currently only come in an R1 radius turn so you have to slow down for them anyway.
    I would recommend 1 full straight between curves and LC's. You could get by with 1 or two 1/3rd straights, but your speed will have to be slower to allow the car to straighten out and line up with the LC sensor. Do what you have to do to fit the pitlane in because it really adds to the digital experience, even if it means a little slower exit out of the curve

    Originally posted by miles View Post
    I know i had one more question, but for the life of me i cant remember it now. I am sure i will remember the next time i use it.
    I can identify with this last statement way too much
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      I took my CU apart and moved red wires and black wires to each otherís rail and drilled 2 three mm holes on other side of rails for the sensors to get counter clockwise flow.
      I have been trying to make the second half of a curved lane changer out of a r3 curve without success. Has anybody added a groove and rails to a track?