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Racing cars with D132 chip. Need some advice.

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  • Racing cars with D132 chip. Need some advice.

    So we are running a series with the DTM cars with Carrera D132 chips in them. The cars just don't seem to run smoothly like an analog would. I have a DTM which has the little chip on top of the motor. It can be a little herky jerky. I have a Porsche that does not have the little chip and it seems to run as it should. Before I remove the chip or try swapping the motor, I figured I see what you guys have/are experiencing.

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    I find chipped's to be very, very finicky re: their braids. All of my chipped's are from the classic series: Chaparral, Alfa, Ferarri 312, Ford GT, McLaren and Matra. What works best for me is to curl the braids toward the track very slightly, and then, oddly enough, fold about 1/8" of the tip back on itself, so that there is a slight, stiffened bump on the end of the braid. My track has quite a bit of elevation change, including some spots where the car can go airborne, so I always add some weight to the front as well to keep the braids planted.


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      I've only done 3 in the past but this was awhile ago. I don't remember any of them having a chip on top of the motor. Never had any issues with them.


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        I had ha same problem with my Slot it chipped cars. Somewhere on this site is a tutorial for Slot it cars. I did what they suggested, push the braid forward, to spread them, and widen the spacing. It worked like a charm.


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          Thanks guys. Iíll give it a shot.