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  • High banked Carrera

    Just purchased Carrera CRA20574 high banked curves to find out that the cars rub on the tracks. Enough sometimes to de-slot. The scraping noise alone makes them useless. Why sell these ?

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    It's a very tight turn! But, Yes, they do depending on the car. All my Group C or Le Mans cars do - basically anything with a low floor. I haven't tried putting in a deeper guide, it's something I plan on doing with some of my cars, simply because of elevation changes.
    Happy racing!


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      Yeah, basically I'm putting them back in the box and ever using it. Carrera should NOT sell these.


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        You are talking about the R1 banked curves. They work with some cars. Carrera marks all of their other cars with a sticker that says "not for use with R1 banked curves". It's not really a good solution, but better than nothing. The NASCARs and street cars tend to work okay, and high-banked curves are usually associated with oval racing anyway. I would never recommend R1 banked curves to anyone, because they really limit the cars you can run.

        Years ago I had R2 and then R3 banked curves in my layout, but eventually got rid of them. Road racing cars (GT, IMSA, LMP, F1) thematically belong on flatter tracks. Also, you can put some support under flat curves to give them a little banking. Even a little bit (like an inch-high piece of wood or foam under the outside edge) really makes a difference in how well cars hold the track through a corner.


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          Thank's for your input.


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            They actually point out on the packaging of some cars that they won't work on these curves...