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Carrera Pace Car Operation (or lack thereof)

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  • Carrera Pace Car Operation (or lack thereof)

    I am fairly new to Digital, and have read lots of info on these fine pages on how the Pace Car more is "supposed" to work. Let me summarise to check my knowledge and correct me where I have it wrong:

    in Race mode using the latest hardware (CU & 'new' Pit Lane Kit) ...
    1/ Pace Car exits the Pits when the Pace Car button pressed during a race (2nd LED on CU lights up to indicate Pace Car active)
    2/ Pace Car Circulates the track randomly changing lanes with the exception of entering the Pit "IN" LC
    3/ Pace Car enters the Pits and stops when the Pace Car button pressed (2nd LED on CU goes out to indicate Pace Car inactive)

    Now full disclosure, I was unable to source a Pit Lane Kit (30356) in Aus, so I bought the PLA (30361) separately and utilised the Digital Right Chicane Unit (30351) along with several pit lane extensions (30341) to form the Pit IN & OUT. It is great for faster entry and exits I'd admit.

    My problem? The Pace Car enters OK but never *stops* in the Pit Lane. It just drives straight through.

    I assumed that once it crossed the PLA, it would signal the stoppage. So I am left wondering does the special programming in the proper Pit IN LC play some additional part in letting the pace car know it is in the Pits? If someone could explain this at the datastream level that would be a bonus.

    Plus maybe I have missed a step in the above list.
    0/ does one take a pre-programmed pace car and plonk it in the Pit Lane with the Start Lights set (so it is stationary) and when the race starts (lights out) it remains stationary. How does it know not to move I wonder? Is there something I am missing in the race start procedure?

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    The pit lane entry switch sends a modified voltage signal to the pit lane. The pit lane exit switch ensures that signal doesn't spill onto the track. So an unmodified Carrera pit lane is a closed electrical circuit. That closed electrical circuit has a different voltage signal, and that is how the Pace Car 'knows' it is in the pit lane.

    You will need a standard pit entry and pit exit for the Pace Car to function properly.


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      Ah hah, I guessed as much. Thanks for the confirmation. Understanding the design helps a lot.

      Now if Zimbler would get cracking on restocking our aussie shops. First it was late March, then April, now saying May ..