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  • Carrera USA Contact?

    Does anyone have an upper level contact at Carrera USA? I would like to commend their employee Joann on exceptional service I received on a parts inquiry I had. Very responsive and professional, and should be recognized.


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    I too have had fantastic customer service at COA. Although it's been over a year since my interaction and I don't remember her name she went above and beyond getting me the parts I needed that were NOT available and still aren't. Maybe Facebook?


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      I've been in contact with Carrera US about some things and there appears to be genuine interest in increasing their visibility to the US markets. They have a link to US dealers they are developing and encouraged us co contact them through Facebook, Instagram, or by phone with questions and concerns. Seemed genuine to me..

      United States Dealers Page
      Click your state to find a dealer near you United States Canada Alabama Dealers List Arizona Dealers List California Dealers List Colorado Dealers List Connecticut Dealers List


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        That's funny... from my first 3 tries of Dealers on the CA page, none of the websites have Carrera as a Brand.


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          I mentioned that to them to see if they could add a column indicating what product line(s) they sell. I agree some (many?) locations on their dealer list carry a limited line, or do not carry anything.


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            We only stock 1/32, D132 and D124 cars, track and parts. Like us, it seems store specialize in certain areas of the product line. It's tough to pay and stock everything.


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              True, but some listed Carrera "dealers" stock absolutely no Carrera products. I went to one here in Houston and when I asked what Carrera items do they have, they looked at me like I had 3 heads! They did say that they could order stuff for me, but then so can I... I don't think such stores should be listed as dealers.


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                I was trying to suggest to the Carrera USA marketing person to develop a more complete list of dealers and products, but they told me they have data limitations on the dealer page?. I was, still, pleased with the number of responses, perceived honesty/interest in my questions, and the speed of reply. Here's hoping they actually follow through with their plans. They did say they review comments in the forums but unfortunately do not engage (their words). So getting a forum response to any questions is unlikely although they said we are more than willing to respond via their facebook page or by phone. YMMV