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Go Plus problems.

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  • Go Plus problems.

    I bought a used Pit Stop set, (Go Plus set). The CU was bad, after I updated with the APP. I bought a new CU, and it started out great. I updated it... Then the cars would not move if both started side by side, acted shorted. If I let one car get 6ft ahead they started fine. I sent it back and the same thing happened to the new one when I updated! I called Carrera America, and they sent me a CU. I have no intention of installing that APP! Well, I tried it the AM. It did the exact same short circuit signal (blue light flash, buzzes). I tried making a much shorter track... nope.
    Here's where it gets weird. I decided to put on another set of red plug controllers from a Go set I had bought used. The CU worked perfectly! Okay, I tried every combination of controllers... All work fine. I think I have the secret, so I try the other bad CU. Buzz. Switched controllers (both again) and it did NOT work. I took it off and put the newest one back on.
    Here's where it gets even weirder! The newest CU immediately buzzed when I tried two cars at start! Sooo, I switch both controllers and it works perfectly. Again, any combination of controllers work. I am puzzled, but glad it works. (But I'm not trying the APP, just in case.
    If yours buzzes the short signal when you try to start, try letting one car travel 6 ft or so. I also found they would start at the same time if placed that far apart. It actually makes the ghost car even more fun because you are chasing from the start. The buzz thing seems common, at least on the German forum. I'd also try switching the pair of controllers with a friend if one has the red plug controllers.
    Oh, and the electronic, red plug, controllers go full speed without the turbo button, though the button does give you instant full speed if you aren't yet.

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    Is this with their own set cars?


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        I was wrong, under further racing, I found the turbo button does add speed. I had said the red plug controllers (electronic) went wide open without the turbo button. They don't, though the difference seems to be much less notable than the old control unit and the black plug (resistor) controllers. There seemed to be a big jump in speed on those, where the turbo with the new controllers is slight enough I could be fooled into thinking it did nothing. It just doesn't seem to do much, which is fine by me. The old controls had a big jump in speed which made for lots of crashes, sort of an on-off switch effect. Too slow to make the track challenging- then turbo and too fast to make the next turn at all. Big improvement.


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          You should only use the red plug controllers with the Carrera GO Plus control unit. The old black plug controllers aren't compatible with the newer Carrera GO and GO Plus control unit.


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            Double post