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Analog and digital compatibility?

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  • Analog and digital compatibility?

    I gave my Evolution sets to my grand daughter whe I took ill and she and her dad really enjoy them. My health has improved now and I want to get back into the Hobby. If I go with the new digital sets will she be able to bring her analog cars over when she stays with us and enjoy my ne digital track? Or should I dive back into the Evolution series?


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    Hi Robby. Evolution cars will not run on a digital track unless you install a digital chip in them. However, digital cars will run on an analog track.
    Newer analog cars are "digital ready", which means there are cutouts and plugs in the chassis so installing a chip is as simple as plugging in the plugs from the digital chip and 2 screws to hold it in. Older analog cars would have to have a hole drilled for the sensor and switch, and maybe some cutting of the interior, but most cars can be converted.
    If you are considering digital, I would not let the analog car difference hold you back. The features add so much more to the racing, especially for kids.
    I started with analog and have been running digital since around 2006.
    If you want to run analog cars on your digital track when your grand daughter comes over, the simplest way to do that is get an analog terminal track, 2 controllers, and an analog power pack [used ones can be picked up pretty cheap on forums or ebay] . Just SWITCH out the analog power track with the digital power track [control unit or black box]. NEVER have both digital and analog power tracks in the track at the same time as damage to either can happen. As long as this rule is followed there will be no issues. I have done it for years.
    But she will probably want to run your digital cars because of the cool features anyhow

    Feel free to ask any questions you have. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here to answer them.