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Alternative software for connecting a computer to Carrera digital tracks

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  • v2.224 is on the site.

    Among the bugs fixed: the decimal separator issue discussed a few months ago. Also adds some new sound events.


    • While racing this weekend discovered a problem with the two new sound events added in v2.224. When in a race (did not see this in practice mode), the audio reporting of the race wide best lap time and personal best lap time will generate an error. Recommend just turning off these two new events until a new release fixes it.


      • v2.225 is up. It fixes the in race sound errors generated by 2.224 when using the two new sound events.

        While racing last weekend, I also discovered problems with using the penalty system. If you had ticked the 'Slow cars in Penalty' box, it didn't properly set and restore the penalized car's speed. This now acts as intended, only slowing the car if it enters a penalty condition (no more laps counted). If the penalty is cleared before the 'Pending' phase of the penalty ends, the car is never slowed down and does not need to have it's speed reset. This lessens the chance of a track data error causing the car to lose all of it's settings.
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        • v2.226 is up. Individual lap times were not being saved and displayed properly on the lap times screen. The first lap's time was being discarded, and the last lap's time was being duplicated. This has been fixed.


          • What does the box “score all cars in a timed race “ do? Tick or untick


            • Originally posted by buspor63 View Post
              What does the box “score all cars in a timed race “ do? Tick or untick
              There is no such box?

              Closest thing I know of: in Advanced Mode, on the 'Rotations' page, there is a check box for 'Count all crossings in timed heats'

              When I am on that page and hit the F1 key, the displayed help page includes this:

              "After initial (timed) heat, count all crossings as a lap
              This setting is relevant only when you use the track power control feature by Bruce.
              Generally not something you would want to do unless you have track power controlled from the software. If you're running a sequence of timed heats, drivers begin the next heat from where they ended the previous heat- so partial laps are not lost. Say you are 1 meter past the lap counter at the end of a timed heat (and track power is cut by the computer). Then you start from the same spot in the next heat, and when you cross the lap counter the first time a lap is counted.
              If you don't have your track wired like that, it is probably not an option you want to use. Unless you have a race steward who cuts power (the 'start' button on the Black Box?) as soon as the timed heat is over."

              This section of the help file should be updated (well, the stuff that comes up in Advanced Mode should *all* be updated), as the software can now simulate a press of the CU Start button and raise the start lights to cut track power at the end of a heat. Which makes this feature much more useful.
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              • That's exactly what I wanted to know. I do apologize for the mis-wording , I was going on memory. I really need to explore the F1 help key more.
                I do use the track power feature, it's useful to keep racers from running over each other.
                thank you.


                • An issue i am experiencing with windows 10 computer on v 2226...

                  I start a lap race, i press start using the Carrera CU, the race starts. Upon completion of 10th lap the race ends and the start lights on the screen reappear. If i press escape to go back to the screen to setup another race, it begins the race start countdown again and turns power on. Any detailed advice on this?


                  • If you have the CU LEDs set to come on at the end of a race (you can turn that off), don't press ESC to exit. To get rid of the Start lights and continue on, press the CU Start button and go through the countdown. When the lights disappear, the end of race process will continue normally. You can also adjust the length of time the race screen is set to remain on screen at the end of a race before proceeding to the Results screen. If you shorten that, the software should automatically send the command to go through the start light countdown before your patience runs out.

                    Pressing ESC at the wrong time can also throw away the results. If you want to leave the screen before the adjustable delay time is over- even if you aren't using the CU start lights to stop the cars at the end of the race- it is better to press Ctrl-Enter. That will exit w/o discarding any results.
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                    • But going thru the start lights to end the race...turns power back on to the track, which in my scenario is there a fix for that?

                      And out of curiosity why go thru the start lights to end a race?


                      • There is no way to cut the power to the track at the end of a race. But the software can pop the start lights, which stops the cars where they are. If you don't want to do this, you can turn that feature off, but the cars will continue to run at the end of the race.

                        What's wrong with restoring the car's ability to move (that is, running through the start lights) a period of time after the race end?