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Cars Converted to Carrera Digital

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  • Porsche 911 Polizei Car Analog to Digital with Lights

    Okay.. my first official chipping going beyond just plugging in the new digitial chip.

    This was an analog car with working "safety/emergency" lights.

    My final work. Added the 26732 chip that I purchased on the Bay with lights included.

    I cut the emergency light chip away from the analog chip leaving long black and red leads.
    Then cut the motor leads off the digital chip

    Striped and soldered the light chip and motor leads together then soldered them back to the digital chip.

    Rear lights glued in place.

    Front lights glued in place.

    Front and rear lights ON

    Emergency Lights ON activated by Throttle. No throttle = lights OFF

    Was going to try to connect the emergency lights to the light leads instead of the motor leads but not sure which were + and - for the light leads. Motor leads are marked on the chip.

    Thanks for those who gave their advice on this.



    • Hi everyone!

      Has anyone ever solder JST connectors (small white ones) directly on the Carrera decoder board?

      Option I was thinking about : Female JST connectors solder on the board and better quality wires connected with male JST connectors.

      Note : Of course only if there's enough space inside the car's body.
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      • Really no one?


        • Two new digitized cars. Still without lights, but I will install later.
          SCX Cars, Audi & Peugeot.

          the Peugeot 908 is extremely fast and stable. Great car! Plus:
          -Removable and Adjustable Magnet
          -Guide With Suspension
          -Tilting Chassis (THIS IS SOOOOO NICE!!!)

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          • up video, two races. One slow, other Fast! Second race with the SCX cars:

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