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    Curve, banks, Power Supply, controller panel questions

    I have a friend wanting to build a 4 lane Carrera track. I understand some concepts but I have several questions.

    1. My friend likes 90 degree turns so he will be using 1-1/60 and 1/30 on the inside of the turn. So on the outside of the 1/60 it will take 2-2/30 to be on the outside is this correct?????? None of the diagrams I have looked at show what goes on the outside of the 1/30. What goes on the outside of the 1/30????

    2. He currently a 1/30 banked curved. I thought there was a problem with cars grounding out on the inside lane. Is this correct????? It is my understanding that 2/30 banked curve is the outside of the 1/30 banked turn, is this correct????

    3. He wants to go to a Pyramid power supply. Can he wire both stock for use with the Carrera controllers he has an Evolution set and a regular set of controllers. Basically he has two sets that he is using as the basis for his 4 lane set.

    Thanks in advance.



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      The R2 curves fit outside of the R1 curves. 3 pieces of 2/30 for 90 degrees.

      The 2/30 banked curves fit outside of the 1/30 banked curves. Many cars will scrape or stall on the banked R1.

      Not sure I understand what exactly you are asking about power supplies. Don't want to give bad info.


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        I tried fitting one of the 1/60 curves on the outside of the 1/30 but the 1/60 does not come close to fitting flush against the 1/30.




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          The 1/30 curve is used with a 1/60 curve to build a 1/90 curve.

          Use a 2/30 curve for the outside of a 1/30 or a 1/60 curve,
          a 3/30 curve for the outside of a 2/30 curve,
          and a 4/15 curve for the outside of a 3/30 curve.

          The number scheme is n/XX where n is the curve radius and xx is the degree arc of a circle.



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            The numbers are mainly there to help when doing multi lanes up to 8 lanes so 1 being the inside 4 being the outside.
            I only have a two lane track set up but have use a mixture of them by using the degree so 30 + 60 =90 and so on works well to get a nice layout I have used the some of the 2/30 to make a twisty straight

            Leigh Daniels


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              I use a lot of the banked corners on my Carrera track and I find that transitions from banked need to have a flat strait or flat curve. To improve the mating of these, use a heat gun on the tracks to allow the angles to relax. Don't try to do this in one treatment. I have found after 3 or more heat treatments the tracks slowly relax and the flat tracks bend to match up with the banked turns. You must have all supports in place. I have added weights and taped tracks to the angle I want and patiently heat treated until the transitions are smooth. Carrera track is hard and brittle and probably wasn't meant to be bent in this manner, but it does work, just be patient.


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                Banked curve transitions

                So without any track modifications(ie. heat track and bending), how many straights does it take to properly recover from a bank R2 or bank R3



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                  By the end of the second straight after R2's or R3's the track will for the most part lay flat.


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                    Hi All,
                    I was just gifted an Exclusiv Le Mans Champs set that has the 1/30 banked curve. I've read the 132 cars will drag on this curve, but is this if you use the full 180 degrees? Will they still drag if I break up the curve into 2 90 degree sections with a straight tor 2 between them?



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                      Yes, a lot of cars will still drag even splitting it up. Especially the longer cars like DTM's and low cars like LMP's. I used a 1/30 bank on my track for about 5 years. There was some dragging and noise,but the cars were able to build enough speed going into it, so that the cars handled it pretty well.
                      The biggest issue that I had was if not going fast enough, the car's brushes would lose contact with the rails. Kid's had a hard time with it mainly because they went too slow or stopped on the bank.
                      I have 2 compound curves on my track that have 1 peice of 1/30 bank in them and it is not an issue.
                      I would NOT recommend purchasing one,but since you have the 1/30 bank already and it was given to you why not go ahead and experiment with it.
                      If you have kids it may be more trouble than it is worth,but that is up to you.
                      I finally removed mine and only have the 2 single sections as I described above.


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                        I will also make note, some 1/32 cars may even scrape on r2 banked curves. One of ours does, the Green GT H2 "Paul Ricard 2015". It seems to be very long and low, and the front inside of the nose wil scrap when on the inside lane. I have not had an issue with the car progressing through the banked curve, just there is some contact.