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  • Pro x compatability

    Are the 1960 Fury (30443) and 1957 Belaire (30489), able to work on a Pro X system?
    Dose the controler extention work on my Pro X system?
    What are some options in having a C2 corvette work on my Pro X system?

    The Pro X guy

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    According to Carrera all D132 cars made before 2009 can run on the Pro-x system
    The 60 Fury 30443 is listed on the Carrera site as only being made in 2008 and should work.
    The 57 Chev 30489 is listed on the Carrera site as being made from 2009-2011, so it will not work.
    The red and white 30444 57 Chev looks like it would work though and was only made in 2008.
    Below are links to HotSlots, they show cars in their listings that are Pro-X compatible.

    60 Fury 2a
    57 Chev 2a

    As far as the controller extension I do not think it will work because the Pro-X system is only designed to work with 4 cars not six.

    You could get C2 Corvette to work on a Pro X system by putting a pre-2009 D132 chip in it or getting a taken out Pro-X chip from another car. I do not think Pro-X chips were ever sold separately. The D132 chip would also have to come from a car you knew worked with Pro-x, because it would be hard to know, just by looking at the chip if it was compatible or not.
    Chipping the car would be similar to chipping a D132 and not to hard depending on your skills.
    There are a few examples of chipped cars in thread.

    Sorry for the long winded response.


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      I've moved this to the general Carrera forum.