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Carrera IR chip sensors

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  • Carrera IR chip sensors


    I remember reading in a thread, on this forum, some weeks ago, the tip of where we can buy the IR sensors of the chips. The guy provided the internet site info as well as the catalog #

    I did not remember now what thread was and I didn't took note of the IR info

    Any help

    Thank you
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    Daniel it was Seb (Rubirosa) who had that info and here is the link he was nice enough to send me, sorry I forgot to get it to you.

    Originally Posted by Rubirosa
    The IR diode can be ordered at - P/N: QEC122-ND


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      Just ordered 20 ......I only broke 1....but just in case

      Thank you

      PS: They are really cheap.


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        Yesterday I received the IR LEDs.

        I have a question:

        Do they have a polarity, like one leg is + and the other - ?

        In other words, Can I just pick one of this IR LED and solder it to the chip without worries of the legs position on the chip ?

        I hope you guys understand my question.

        PS: Example: When I remove the "Barrel" and sold wires to relocate it, I always keep the same position of the legs as when they were solder directly to the chip.


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          The polarity does make a difference when you install them. If installed backwards it won't damage anything, it just won't light. It is an Infrared Light Emitting Diode. The Diode part means that the current will only flow one way and when it does it lights. When connected backwards no current can flow and it doesn't light.

          Digikey usually has a link on the product page for it that shows a datasheet for the part. There is usually a flat spot on the base of the LED to help identify polarity and the leads are typically different lengths as well.


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            Thank you very much for your answer. I have not seen the leads length details because I haven't open the bag yet

            So if i solder it in the wrong position nothing will be damage, it just will not work. So I have to resolder it again correctly.....GREAT.

            Thanks again


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              I think the longer lead is the positive or "+" lead Daniel, but you can find the info online I am sure, as I did at one point


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                Originally posted by JTAUTO View Post
                I think the longer lead is the positive or "+" lead...
                That would be correct.


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                  A different idea

                  I used the led with lead wires from a scaly
                  Conversion chip snipped them off and soldered
                  Those to the carrera f1 chip to make a remote mount
                  Led chip so to speak. It works great in a scaly front engine viper. That all said it's taken me too long to admit
                  And wish carrera would just come out with a remote led chip to make converting there older cars easier.