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digital cars start flashing lights and loosing power

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  • digital cars start flashing lights and loosing power

    My 1/32 digital cars will be running great than they will start flashing lights and loosing power.
    I have all new (2013-2014) CU 30352, track, four 2.4 wireless controllers, four lane changers, 10 different cars (Carrera-Fly-Slotit-MRC), and a new lap counter 30355. The track has five power taps, one every 8 to 10 sections. I never had this flashing light problem until I started limiting the cars speed due to my two (7 and 8 year old) grandchildren. I have some of the cars limited to #2 speed, and some of the really fast Slotits to a #1 speed. They run great for a while than something must happen like one of them deslots. That's when the lights start to flash on all the cars on the track. I than have to switch off the CU and switch it back on. This clears the problem until another deslot happens, and the lights begin to flash again and loose power. This happens to all the cars no matter what brand. This alone points towards the CU, but there has been another change which I will disconnect before changing the CU. It is the new Lap Counter 30355. Has anyone experienced this with the newest Carrera digital equipment. I've read some of the threads that have similar problems , but they seem to be associated with the Black Box or IR controllers. Please jump in if you have any answers.

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    Sounds like you have fuel turned on. Turn the cu fuel switch to off- u less you have a pit lane.


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      Check the CU to make sure you don't have fueling turned on.


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        I agree about the fueling button perhaps being turned on, but if all the cars start flashing at one time (unless all the cars are programmed to the same 'position') that could indicate another issue. So Bill, two issues here, first is your CU fueling button in the on position and second, are the wireless controllers linked to the same 'position' somehow? The cars shouldn't all run out of gas at the same time if they're all linked to different positions.


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          That was quick!
          I do have a pit lane, but have not gotten around to the finer points of racing like adding fuel. You guys are great! It was the Fuel switch in the on position. It must have been turned on accidentally. I have been spending most of my time building and adding chips and lights to other brands and kit models. My true love is building as you can see by my avatar. It is a replica 1965 427ci SC Corbra kit by ERA. I built it 16 years ago and still drive it to shows. I see that byingling is from Westminster Md. I grew up in Pimlico, and lived in Hampstead until 2002 when my wife Sue Robertson (from Westminster) and I moved to Naples Florida. I went to Poly with a Bruce Yingling in the early 60's. My email is [email protected]. Thanks to all! If I can figure how to post pictures I'll post my cars.


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            Different Bruce Yingling with you at Poly in the 60s. Yinglings are plentiful here in Westminster. Not so much elsewhere.